Berlin 2011

The previous post was about my trip to Amsterdam with Kim. Kim was here in Aberdeen for my last week here before the holidays and we went through Heathrow to Amsterdam on the 15th December. Well, my friend Eric informed me that there’s flights from Helsinki to Berlin for 140€. Because I had already booked the flights from Amsterdam to Helsinki, it was only logical that I went to Helsinki for one night, and left to Berlin on the next day. Got home on the 22nd of December I think…? It was a pretty cool trip, both of them were. I really need to re-visit both of them on summer time too. And now some pics.

Yes, we had Gluhwein on Alexanderplatz. I bought that dead animal hanging around my neck from Stiefelkombinat, it was a really cool vintage store in Prenzlauer Berg.

I have some pics from there too:

A creepy toy… It had green snake eyes… ??

As you can see they had quite an impressive amount of retro stuff there. Absolutely a must-visit in Berlin in my opinion. They had two stores next to each other, the other one had mainly women’s clothes, accessories and shoes! The fur pile was awesome to scavenger. As you can guess, the prices were a bit high, but hey, how unique?

Some random pics from our last day in the centrum:

Next we have the Fernsehturm Berlin, the television tower, which is probably one of the most famous landmarks in Berlin. You can see it from almost everywhere. I thought it was hypnotizing.

Didn’t get a good pic because the weather was a bit foggy, but anyway…

I have so many pics from Berlin!

We were staying at the Generator Hostel, which was awesome! Really cheap. We booked the rooms from a mixed dorm for 8 if I remember correctly. Instead, the lady in the reception gave us a private room WITH OWN SHOWER AND A TOILET, for the same price. Probably she thought it might be easier with the wheelchair and so on. The place was fantastically accessible. The breakfast was included in the price!! And it was very very good!

… and it had a nice bar!

The first club we went to was SO36, which was quite cool. Some people were smoking weed on the dancefloor. In the smoking room there were posters from all the gigs held there and we were quite surprised that Eläkeläiset had performed there. 😀

I have no idea what is going on with the boobs but what ever!

One day we were eating in an Italian restaurant somewhere near Prenzlauer Berg I think.

I didn’t like the food, I didn’t like the wines. Even the water was bad.

Of course we visited the Kreuzberg area too, we went to a German market and had a nice coffee break in Bagels Coffee Culture on Mehringdamm 66. After that we went to SchwuZ, which was across the road. It was a nice gay bar, a bit quiet on the night went there but still. Adorably dim, I couldn’t get any good pics and it would have been embarrassing to shoot with lightning…

Obviously we were also in Schöneberg, which is quite the equivalent of Marais in Paris, the gay district. We were on a bad time, almost everything was closed, because it was so near to Christmas and we were out there on a Wednesday night if I remember right. Finally we ended up in Eldorado, which was quite … interesting:

There was a guy sleeping on the sofa under the palm tree. There was maybe a handful of people besides us.

Because it was a slight dissappointment, we got a cab and asked to drive us to the most popular nightclub that’s open today. So we ended up in Cookies. Wow, their site is quite cool. Anyway, a nice big night club with young people.

I was slightly tired and lost Eric at some point so I just fled with a taxi to our hostel. Eric came few hours later with the tram.

I asked some of my friends who have been or lived in Berlin about stuff we should do and my friend Marko said we should try some African restaurants because they are really good down there. In Finland there’s practically none.

So we went to the Nil, a sudanese restaurant in Friedrichshain:

I had some chicken and sweet potato chips. The sauce is peanut butter sauce. It was yummy! And cheap too! The place was quite small, like one table in the whole place. I had Wostok with my food.

We were shopping too quite a lot in Friedrichshain. There’s a lot of vintage fashion stores, like Trash-schick. I bought a black dress with sequin top but it was too long for me, so I have to shorten it out a bit. I was supposed to wear it in dtm on the New Years eve but I didn’t get it fixed in time. 😦

Anyway, that was the Berlin trip. I missed the flight to there AND out of there, so it really hit my budget quite hard. STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID ME.

There’s our flights, I was supposed to fly in the morning but I slept. Idiot. There’s Eric’s flight 14:35 to Riga and from there to Helsinki and mine on 14:55 straight to Helsinki…

Next time, I’m going to take only straight flights and in the after-noon…


Busy, Busy Holidays.

I have had the most amazing holiday and if I’m correct, the longest vacation from school or work in 4 years. Feels weird to just hang out. At the moment I’m at Kim’s place and he is at work. I should be reading for my oncoming exams next week. Slightly panicking once again. I was at Amsterdam and Berlin before I came to Finland so I have plenty of pictures to share. I have obviously uploaded them to facebook already (luckily, because my phone got stolen last week, once again…). Anyhow, I think will make two separate posts about both of them here too.

Me and my beautiful sister at our parents place in Jäkärlä, Turku at Christmas. Some red wine and Alias – the word explaining game with my lovely siblings! I’m always such a duckface… On the background there’s a charcoil picture of Ray Charles, which I made in high school’s art class. My teacher wanted to buy it but we decided not to sell. Probably the best one I ever made!

Ok, and now to write the Amsterdam post!

Some pics I took on Friday

Nice pending with the trees, quite a windy day I guess…  That is actually Jäänmurtaja Urho. I think it looked cool and my grandpa’s name is Urho. It looked a lot bigger in real life…

That is the Suvilahti power plant / culture venue…

A Stolen Umbrella

Last weekend, I left that popemobile outside my flat, because there was snow and shit. I mean this one

And guess what had happened. At the weekend, it had moved in the patio like a meter and it had emergency lights on. So some fucker had tested it. And that cool pink umbrella I had down there (see the pic) was gone. The fucker had left his black mitten, probably by accident. What a douche! I might burn the glove!

New Years Eve

Warmer shades of winter