Busy, Busy Holidays.

I have had the most amazing holiday and if I’m correct, the longest vacation from school or work in 4 years. Feels weird to just hang out. At the moment I’m at Kim’s place and he is at work. I should be reading for my oncoming exams next week. Slightly panicking once again. I was at Amsterdam and Berlin before I came to Finland so I have plenty of pictures to share. I have obviously uploaded them to facebook already (luckily, because my phone got stolen last week, once again…). Anyhow, I think will make two separate posts about both of them here too.

Me and my beautiful sister at our parents place in Jäkärlä, Turku at Christmas. Some red wine and Alias – the word explaining game with my lovely siblings! I’m always such a duckface… On the background there’s a charcoil picture of Ray Charles, which I made in high school’s art class. My teacher wanted to buy it but we decided not to sell. Probably the best one I ever made!

Ok, and now to write the Amsterdam post!


I have a flu

Day number two. In a flu.

Nice rhyme. I have zero energy. I was going to do the day two and day three of the Flow weekend but I just don’t feel like it. For the past few days I have been just watching the fourth season of True Blood. I really, really love Eric Northman.  I finished the episode 7 last night, so I will be watching the 8th today, which aired last week in the States, so after I watch that and download this weeks episode, I’m on the same schedule as they are. Yippee.

I continued to read Clash of Kings too.  I don’t know why I had stopped reading it last month. Maybe I had just so much other stuff to do last month, all the partying and seeing friends. I don’t feel like that at all right now. It’s under a month and I’m leaving to Scotland and everything is coming more real every day. I still can’t quite comprehend all of it yet. When I first moved out “big time” I moved in a weeks notice because I got my place of study in a sort of second applying round. So I moved out and lived a week or two at my friend’s place and got a flat in Helsinki. That was so fast I didn’t really have the time to think about it. It was quite a change, I have 3 siblings and though my sister had already moved out a year ago it was still 5 of us and a dog in Aura. And in Helsinki I was  200 kilometres away. Well, I didn’t really feel home sick or anything and I could go to Turku like every other week. Then it came like every month and lately it has been once in few months. Helsinki had become my home. I had my new friends here and kind of the old ones in Turku started to feel more distant.

Now I’m moving away again from most of my friends. There will of course be Henri, and the world is so small that Facebook will keep me informed of all the stuff happening in Helsinki and Turku. And I know that with my social skills, my amount of FB friends will probably hit 1000 by the end of the year… It’s just that I love Helsinki so much. I hope I will love Aberdeen too as much. Well it won’t have DTM… and all my gays.

I have been writing at isory.org with some other people going to Aberdeen too this year and I think we are going to meet on Friday in Helsinki. How cool is that! Really I can’t wait to get there. All the new people and ALL THE NEW COURSES. I love picking courses and planning on my studies.

Ruisrock 2011

We had a carpe diem trip again with Eric. We decided on Thursday that we will be going to Ruisrock, the oldest annual rock in Finland and the second oldest in Europe. We had a three day ticket. My favorites included Scandinavian Music Group, Robyn and Jenni Vartiainen. And pics follow. We were quite drunk the whole two days. On Sunday Henri was with us too.

Me! On the wheelchair platform on the first day! Watching something!

Eric watching The Hurts. HOT GUYS IN SUITS.

Scandinavian Music Group, my ultimate favorite! We were standing in the front row with Eric, my sister Beda and her friend Alina! Awesome gig. With Eric, we had bear masks made of the card board box of Karhu-beer.

My sister Beda, rocking on the front row!

Eric had both of his nipples pierced AND got a naval piercing as well. I got a nipple and a tragus. Both I have had before though.

We kinda drew attention…

Jenni Vartiainen’s gig was the first on Sunday, it was goddamn hot!

There’s Beda and Henri, sipping on some “juice”…

I am red like a lobster, nice taaaaan!

Eric chilling!

Noora, drinking some booozE!

I wish I had some pics of Robyns gig. It was uber! Also Kaija Koo was great!

Leaving Jorvi once again

Off from the Jorvi hospital! Kim is picking me up after he has picked up Henri and Eric from Puistola station and then we are going to dear Turku! We had a phone conversation with Eric and Henri and Eric had a carpe diem moment again and decided to come to Turku as well!

They had quite decent food today, probably because it’s midsummer’s fest! This is one of my favorite holidays, must be because it’s in the Summer…

I am so bored at being here, luckily the guys are going to come in a while. Eric said he has beer and I intend to snatch one can from him!

Lil. Bro





At Tiia’s