Search terms that made people end up here

Seriously what’s up with people. I cracked when I saw that someone googled “scandinavian boobs” and ended up to my blog today. A few selected all time favorites:

  • aberdeen university ladies hockey club
  • broken wheelchair
  • little girl in wheelchair
  • men wearing navel nipples pierced
  • kumpula intiankatu (ehhh I live there)
  • people getting hit by loch ness monster in a boat
  • pyörätuolilla erasmus blogi
  • mtv3 chat 2011 rantalentis
  • conditional offer aberdeen international relations
  • fits suitcase girl (Is somebody going to kidnap me???)
  • espoo stolen bras
  • high school seniors with nipple piercing
  • vessa wheelchairs
  • osteogenesis imperfecta red eyes
  • mole in a wheelchair

Seriously, there was 19 times “nipple” 😀 Am I a nipple-centric blogger?


All the Music I listen

I have recorded most of the music I have listened since 24th April 2006 on my account. Luckily Spotify scrobbles the songs I listen there too.

Some conclusions:

Okay, enough about that.

Does anyone have any recommendations for me?


I bumbed in to Sponsume, a crowdfunding site, some time ago on Facebook but didn’t really get into it that much. Now it popped in to my Facebook feed again and I checked out some of the projects they had. Sponsume in their own words:

Sponsume offers a brand new way of exploring innovative ideas and helping turn them into reality.

We are a funding platform where creative people sell perks and rewards to fans in order to fund their project. We do not provide loans or investments. Instead fans make their favourite project happen by buying its rewards – and creators always retain 100% ownership of their project.

Sponsume is open to all creative and innovative ventures, big or small, in a wide variety of areas: film, theatre, photography, dance, social enterprise, new technologies, gaming, transmedia, fashion, sport, festivals, music, journalism, gastronomy, animation, publishing…

Of course this is all on the supporters risk (“Sponsume is a platform and project owners are fully responsible for delivering the promised rewards.”) but hey, I like the idea. And I like to believe good about people. So I watched some of the projects and this one seemed cool:

Untitled from Plum Tunes on Vimeo.

I like to do spontaneous things. Buying an album that hasn’t been made yet, from an artist I have never heard a song from is one of those things… And she’s Scottish!

Flow festival 2011 day 1

Okay, I was at Flow Festival 2011 in Helsinki this year  12.-14.8.. No wonder some call it the Fashion Week of Helsinki. You could really see the latest of the latest trends. My friend Eric is quite style conscious so he had to have something special everyday. I tried my best too, I really loved my first days outfit:

Electric swimsuit I bought from an online flea market last year. It says Dior but I highly doubt that. 🙂 The skirt is from Zara, I really really love it. It stays in shape as it is quite stiff. The shoes are from Dinsko’s children’s department. I get sometimes lucky,  because nobody wants to see a 7-year old wearing too fierce shoes, so all the 32-sized shoes are in the FINAL SALE-shelf. Original price 40€ ->> 9,95€. Nice one, and real leather too. The necklace and matching bracelets are from H&M. They were really cool but kinda annoying because the feathers got tangled all the time and tickled me.

In the pic we are at Eric’s balcony. Here’s some pics:

AND, I learned how to do french braids. Through Youtube.

Fancy vest huh?

And some pics from the evening with all the lights:

I am making all the days separate posts. Unfortunately the last gig was Röyksopp which we both really like. We were about in the third row, so very close to the stage. The show was actually quite boring, everybody said so after-wards. There weren’t really any other favorites, so we travelled back and forth to Herttoniemi to drink some booze. Quite boring, I have to try to stay in the venue next year. Even though it might mean super expensive ciders.

After that, I headed to DTM, which had a foam party. Unfortunately my phone’s battery had long died so couldn’t get any pics from the Röyksopp or the foamy gays! 😦 At least I was already wearing the swimsuit…