Next trip – Madrid & Málaga

After an intense two years of studying, I am almost finished with my degree in Sales at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. I still have to finish my thesis, which is by the way on Social Selling, and few technicalities with job placement and so on.

Anyway, to the trip. My good friends were going to Malaga for holiday and asked me to join in. I couldn’t resist because there was a sale at Norwegian in January. And because I have already been once in Málaga, I didn’t want to spend my whole trip there, so I booked my flights:

  • Helsinki – Madrid on 30th May
  • Málaga – Helsinki on 7th June.

I’m taking the Ave hi-speed train from Madrid to Malaga on 2nd June. In Madrid I am staying in The Hat, which seems to be a hipster hostel and in Málaga I will be staying at Alcazaba Premium Hostel. 

Should be interesting, Madrid a whole new love and Málaga my old friend. Looking forward to meet new people and eat the best food in the world.

Ps. In August I am going to Copenhagen and Barcelona.


Barcelona 2012 part 2

Writing this in the middle of the winter is so dull. I hate snow, obviously because I am in a wheelchair. If I could decide living without any snow for the rest of my life instead of it, I would. Ok, obviously I could do that and move the fuck out of here. 

ImageEric on the BeachImage

The woman behind me is topless, like many other on the beach. Luckily she is spreading lotion so no boobflash! I was topless too most of the time. ImageImageImageImageMy friend Natalia lived in Barcelona and we met her on the beach and got some mojitos! We used to study Spanish together in high school. I seriously fell in love with Barcelona. 

Next some random pictures from Barcelona.


Almost all of my closest friends are gay men, so I visit gay bars a lot. This one is from Dacksy, which we thought was a bit expensive, so we had only one mojitos there and went to find other cheaper places. We were twice at Arena Club, because it seemed to be the busiest with our aged people. Unlike in Paris, there were a lot of lesbians and faghags. I was in Paris last year in a club called Spizy with Kim and there were like 4 other women besides me. Wow, how embarrassing, I’ve made a post Paris 1 and after that no other part. And only 5 pictures. Maybe I should find the pics and make some post some day. I’m so lazy!


About the streets in Barcelona, they were really accessible and it was easy to move around by foot. Even in the older parts of the city.

I’ll post some more pics some other day, if I remember.



Barcelona 2012 part 1.

I just realized I haven’t blogged at all about or trip to Barcelona in August. I have so many good pictures in Facebook, so I decided to share a few and do this in three parts I think.

Eric at the Turku Airport 2.

The plane before leaving in Turku.

Me and Eric flew from Turku to Girona airport with Ryanair on the 14th of August and took a bus to Barcelona.

Me at the Girona Airport, waiting for the bus to Barcelona.

I think the bus trip was like 2 hours or 1,5h. We were in Barcelona like at 01.00 and started to look for a hostel. On the first night we ended up in a hostel called Lullaby Garden, which was quite nice for it’s price. Was quite inaccessible in a way, it did have a sort of stool lift. You know the kind where you sit and it rolls you up the stairs. But because I can walk fairly well stairs on my own, we decided to just walk and Eric carried the wheelchair. The breakfast was really good too. Some pictures from the Lullaby:


The next day, me at Lullaby Garden hostel, going out to explore the city of Barcelona by day.

So after the breakfast we packed our stuff because we weren’t going to stay the next night there. It turned out we spent every night in a different hotel. Which was nice because I’m definitely going back to Barcelona and now I now 3 (!!!) hostels that have accessible rooms. I wonder if Helsinki has any hostels with accessible rooms. I mean cheap, hostel dorms rooms, not hotel rooms.

Pictures from the streets of Barcelona:


Eric on the streets of Barcelona! NP: Heli Kajo – Barcelona

Hipsters pose as Hipsters pose. @ Bar Casa Falcon

We got our first beers in Spain at Bar Casa Falcon, near our second nights hostel, the Urbany Hostel, which was very accessible. Though in our first room they had not thought that I might want to sleep in a down bunk. So they changed us to another room. It had wheelchair accessible toilets and showers too. I was really surprised and also grateful because I really didn’t want to sit on a floor in a sleazy shower. And Urbany had a pretty cool bar lounge terrace on its roof top:

From the terrace of Urbany Hostel Barcelona.

Me, before going out at Urbany Hostel.

As you can see, my hair looks horrible. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the humid or something. And I don’t think we had a straightening iron either. Or did we? Can’t remember anymore. I should always blog right after the trip.

Totally forgot to take pictures of the rooms but they were pretty nice, especially the fact that at the end of each bed, there was a socket. Because you know smart phones, always running out of battery. Especially when you are acting super tourist and taking pictures everywhere. At least Eric took a picture from our rooms’ window:

A view from our rooms’ window. @ Urbany Hostel Barcelona

I think the price was affordable too, but the location was a bit far from the beach and the center so we decided to go in to some other hostel next day.

After that we headed to the beach. Straight, Straight, Straight to the beach.

The Beach.


More in part two, next week…

A new phone or a new camera

I want to buy a new phone to take pictures with, but then again, maybe I should stay with my old piece of crap and just buy a camera to take pictures with. Then again there’s apps like Instagram I would like to start using.


Instagram (Photo credit: Frank Hamm)



My iPhone owner friends have been raving about it for years now. And now it’s on android as well and I really like android more than iPhone. I actually had to try Instagram so I downloaded it on Kim’s phone and created an account.  Not much pics yet, just this pic of my friend J.:

I really like Instagram so I might have to get a new android just for that. With what money, I have no idea. I’m still stuggling with job stuff, my electric wheelchair has been in repair for over a week and I haven’t really had any interest in going to job interviews with my manual one. I hate it when technology fails me in life!

Anyway, I hope I will get to borrow my parents’ camera for the trip to Norway and Europe.

Which reminds me, not much time left for our trip to Norway. The camp is for young adults with OI, so I expect to meet some other sisters and brothers of short stature! There’s some people I know already like Salla and Betti from Finland and Ingunn from Norway (who I’ve never really met) and Stephanie from Belgium (who I met a few years back in Finland). It’s going to be so awesome, I’m going with one of my best buddies, Noora, and well, we are quite a duo:


That was from last summer’s Ruisrock, I had my hot broken thigh bone and the lobster leg cast. I wish I could go this year as well, but I think my accounts balance forbids me such things.

I need to get my hair more blond before the trip. That’s kinda our thing, being two hot blond midgets on wheels. And sharing things. No more comments on that one.


About the Interrail again

We were planning again for our trip in August. Originally we were going to end the trip in London in the South West 4, because my friends live there and it would be super cool. Then we started to search for other cool festivals during those two weeks we sail around Europe and we found the Zürich Openair 2012 and  Pukkelpop 2012  which both would be very cool. If we wanted to, we could do them both actually. What is so cool about them is that we found them using’s recommendations based on my music taste. I have been scrobbling my songs since 2006 so there’s a lot of data about my listening habits. Me and Eric have very similar tastes, we have super compatibility. Both of the festivals have Lykke Li, who Eric really likes. She was supposed to perform in Flow last year, but she cancelled on the same day. In Pukkelpop there would be Jamie Woon too, we really liked his gig in Flow. And Billy Talent, I really like them too.

And it would be a great round trip if we’d go to both, we could go from Barcelona to Valencia, then Rome and end up in Belgium for the weekend. Then the next week we could do maybe Amsterdam, Paris and end up in Zürich for the weekend for the Zürich Openair. Two festivals plus hundreds of train miles could be tiring! That would mean no London, but who cares, we have both been to London already!

PS. I finally added my charts to my blog. There’s my most listened songs of the week on the right. At the moment there’s Loreen’s Euphoria as number one, of course because of the Eurovision contest! It’s a great song and I knew she would win.

Flight tickets to Norway and Helsinki

I just booked flights back home. This time too I had to book the flights from British Airways because SAS doesn’t take my electric wheelchair on their flights from Aberdeen to Heathrow. I had a bit of a fight with them last year when I flew here with my manual and electric wheelchair. Luckily SAS refunded the tickets to me in the end. Anyway, it has been a great year here in Aberdeen and now it’s time to go home!

Oh god I love the bag. I bought it from Heathrow’s Harrods when I first came last September. I was feeling a bit glamorous with all that student loan on my bank account. It’s Marc Jacobs and I think it was something like £300 on discount. A bit annoying though, it has been darkening a bit in use and I once had a bit of an accident with it; I was driving from Sainbury’s with 5 bags of food and somehow the shoulder strap got under my front tire and I couldn’t stop in time, so I drove a 360 around and over it. Luckily my phone didn’t break. I hurt my leg too a bit because it got tangled in the bag and all my stuff flew around. Some lovely people came over and helped me. The bag got a lot of scratches, fortunately most in the back so you don’t really notice it.

I also booked the flights to Norway! I am going with my friend Noora to an OI Youth Camp in Norway in June! Never been to Norway before. So excited, I will be meeting some people I have only talked to online. I’ll post from there, I think the place will be amazing and hopefully the weather too.

I am flying home on the 22.5. and I will be in Finland approximately 15:15. I’m so happy I miss my friends and unlike almost everyone else here, I didn’t go home for the Easter holiday. Didn’t have the funds.

This is from one of our favorite bars here; the Bobbin:

Glasgow 2012

I started to write this post already a week ago but I just forgot it somehow. It’s my 23rd birthday today! Anyways, this is the years first travel post! I was in Glasgow with my buddy Kim about a month ago for the first time! Streets of Glasgow! We stayed at a hostel called the Eurohostel on 318 Clyde Street.

Though I do have to say that it was more of a cheap hotel room experience than a raunchy 14-bed dorm one. But it was relatively cheap! Like £40 a night if I remember right. We had a double room with a tv! And a shower (which was more like pressure washer attached to the ceiling). Some pictures from our hotel rooms window:
View1 Eurohostel

View 2 Eurohostel

Downstairs there was a nice bar that served food as well called Mint&Lime. I really liked the mojitos, though the cute bartender he isn’t the best mojito maker! I think I had a lasagne. It tasted a bit like a microwave dish but I guess that’s what you get for £4 (?).
Me at Mint&Lime
Kim eating something, I don’t remember anymore what.
Kim at Mint&Lime

Later we were at the Polo Lounge, which was quite a cool gay bar on 84 Wilson Street. The upstairs was more like a relaxed place to have a few drinks and talk with people, the drinks were a lot more expensive upstairs. Well we dragged our party animal butts downstairs to the club! It was great! We went there twice during our trip. On the second time I left early, I got a bit tired! I’m old now!
Kim at Polo Lounge
Me at Polo Lounge
One evening we dined out in a fancy turkish restaurant Anatolia on 140 St. Vincent Street. The food was great, we ordered some mixed grill dish for two. It had meat and chicken over a bed of delicious veggies and couscous. It was really good! Me at Anatolia
Kim at Anatolia
Haha you can see the guy in the kitchen in the background. The previous night we had been at our friend Mira’s place on White Street. I had a bit too much to drink I guess, so I ended up throwing up in the kitchen sink, picture of Mira and me on the counter follows:
Mira and me

So, that was a bit embarrassing.

Overall opinion on Glasgow, I really liked it more than Edinburgh. Though I have been only once in Edinburgh when we went to vote in the presidential elections this year. I just felt Glasgow was a bit more edgy. And there was a hell of a less stairs. Compared to Aberdeen there was actually less accessible curbs and a lot less curb ramps, or maybe I’m just getting so familiar with this city that I remember what road to take to make the journey with least steps and most smooth curbs. I loved the feeling of a big city. Oh how I miss Helsinki. I will be there soon!

Happy birthday for me!

PS. the flights to Barcelona have been booked! We are leaving on 10.8. to our trip across Europe!