Flight tickets to Norway and Helsinki

I just booked flights back home. This time too I had to book the flights from British Airways because SAS doesn’t take my electric wheelchair on their flights from Aberdeen to Heathrow. I had a bit of a fight with them last year when I flew here with my manual and electric wheelchair. Luckily SAS refunded the tickets to me in the end. Anyway, it has been a great year here in Aberdeen and now it’s time to go home!

Oh god I love the bag. I bought it from Heathrow’s Harrods when I first came last September. I was feeling a bit glamorous with all that student loan on my bank account. It’s Marc Jacobs and I think it was something like £300 on discount. A bit annoying though, it has been darkening a bit in use and I once had a bit of an accident with it; I was driving from Sainbury’s with 5 bags of food and somehow the shoulder strap got under my front tire and I couldn’t stop in time, so I drove a 360 around and over it. Luckily my phone didn’t break. I hurt my leg too a bit because it got tangled in the bag and all my stuff flew around. Some lovely people came over and helped me. The bag got a lot of scratches, fortunately most in the back so you don’t really notice it.

I also booked the flights to Norway! I am going with my friend Noora to an OI Youth Camp in Norway in June! Never been to Norway before. So excited, I will be meeting some people I have only talked to online. I’ll post from there, I think the place will be amazing and hopefully the weather too.

I am flying home on the 22.5. and I will be in Finland approximately 15:15. I’m so happy I miss my friends and unlike almost everyone else here, I didn’t go home for the Easter holiday. Didn’t have the funds.

This is from one of our favorite bars here; the Bobbin: