Funny stuff you see in UK

We have been laughing at the British product labels and descriptions the whole year I’ve been here in Aberdeen. Henri usually takes a picture and share’s them on Facebook, so I’ll post them here too:

Pork Faggots – You asked for it! Now with more sauce!

I bought these once, didn’t really read the product description as I thought they were just ordinary meatballs. Instead, their main ingredient is liver! When I was younger I always avoided liver in everything but now I’m cool with it. I even bought liver pate the other day.

Heinz’s Spotted Dick Pudding

This one also cracks me up everytime I see it. I don’t know if it’s because of the word “dick” or the fact that it’s also spotted. Haven’t tasted this one.

Midget Gems – They might be small, but they still taste great!

Sainsbury’s Basics is like a super cheap product line they sell only in Sainsbury’s. And they have hilarious packaging. They are like joking about not being a fancy brand. I have a Basics toilet cleaner that says: “Toilet Cleaner – cleans, no added promises”. Now these midget gems, I don’t know if I should feel a bit offended or not.

Henri with some Raspberry Screwballs

Screw…. balls… screwballs. I know, I’m 15.

Next there’s another Basics product:

Instant Mashed Potato Mix  – less white, still alright

I think someone might actually feel offended by this! I thought it was funny!

In the end I’ll add another picture of me at TGI Fridays, I think I have been there like 10 times during my studies here. This one is from yesterday when we were eating there with Henri & Matti:

Me at Union Square’s TGIFridays eating a Wild Boar Burger!

Never had wild boar before, so I had to taste it! Didn’t really taste so different, I thought it might be more gamy, like rabbit or something like that but it was alright. Also I thought it would have been like a fillet but it was like a normal burger beef. It had sauteed apple slices which complemented the flavors quite well. I was joking that’s the boar that killed Robert Baratheon. LOL. Also, I really need a haircut. I’m like one of the Beatles soon.

After TGIFridays we went to the movies to see The Dictator, which in my opinions was a bit too much at some points. It was funny most of the time but I think there are some things you can’t really joke about, like rape victims committing suicide…


Glasgow 2012

I started to write this post already a week ago but I just forgot it somehow. It’s my 23rd birthday today! Anyways, this is the years first travel post! I was in Glasgow with my buddy Kim about a month ago for the first time! Streets of Glasgow! We stayed at a hostel called the Eurohostel on 318 Clyde Street.

Though I do have to say that it was more of a cheap hotel room experience than a raunchy 14-bed dorm one. But it was relatively cheap! Like £40 a night if I remember right. We had a double room with a tv! And a shower (which was more like pressure washer attached to the ceiling). Some pictures from our hotel rooms window:
View1 Eurohostel

View 2 Eurohostel

Downstairs there was a nice bar that served food as well called Mint&Lime. I really liked the mojitos, though the cute bartender he isn’t the best mojito maker! I think I had a lasagne. It tasted a bit like a microwave dish but I guess that’s what you get for £4 (?).
Me at Mint&Lime
Kim eating something, I don’t remember anymore what.
Kim at Mint&Lime

Later we were at the Polo Lounge, which was quite a cool gay bar on 84 Wilson Street. The upstairs was more like a relaxed place to have a few drinks and talk with people, the drinks were a lot more expensive upstairs. Well we dragged our party animal butts downstairs to the club! It was great! We went there twice during our trip. On the second time I left early, I got a bit tired! I’m old now!
Kim at Polo Lounge
Me at Polo Lounge
One evening we dined out in a fancy turkish restaurant Anatolia on 140 St. Vincent Street. The food was great, we ordered some mixed grill dish for two. It had meat and chicken over a bed of delicious veggies and couscous. It was really good! Me at Anatolia
Kim at Anatolia
Haha you can see the guy in the kitchen in the background. The previous night we had been at our friend Mira’s place on White Street. I had a bit too much to drink I guess, so I ended up throwing up in the kitchen sink, picture of Mira and me on the counter follows:
Mira and me

So, that was a bit embarrassing.

Overall opinion on Glasgow, I really liked it more than Edinburgh. Though I have been only once in Edinburgh when we went to vote in the presidential elections this year. I just felt Glasgow was a bit more edgy. And there was a hell of a less stairs. Compared to Aberdeen there was actually less accessible curbs and a lot less curb ramps, or maybe I’m just getting so familiar with this city that I remember what road to take to make the journey with least steps and most smooth curbs. I loved the feeling of a big city. Oh how I miss Helsinki. I will be there soon!

Happy birthday for me!

PS. the flights to Barcelona have been booked! We are leaving on 10.8. to our trip across Europe!

Recent few days

In the recent days I have made a bit of research on my fellow OI people. Most of you who have read my blog know me and you know that I have a disability, well, it is called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.  I have several good friends with OI in Finland and now here in Scotland I actually feel a bit lonely. So I’m on a mission. There has to bee some other OI’s in Aberdeen! It’s just a statistical fact. I want to meet them. How are the gimp circles around here?

Me as a little girl in my first wheelchair.

I have bumped into some great blog’s too this week, for example Sandy’s Perfectly Imperfecta ! It’s funny how even though each OI is a unique person, we often have so much in common. Most of the OI’s I know from Finland are smart and educated. Must be all that reading when you don’t have time to ski and play ice-hockey… I think having a disability like OI also develops your problem solving skills, as sometimes you really have to calculate on how are you going to do this and that, without breaking a bone in the process. Especially if you have already broken something and you have a cast, which are often a bit heavy.

I broke my left femur last summer and I think it never healed. They just couldn’t make high and tight enough cast that it would have held the thigh in place. So they changed it four times. They should have listened to me, I told them that they should put some small nails there to keep the bone in place (like they did two summers before when I broke the right femur the same way and it healed absolutely fine) On the last time I asked them to make a cast I can get rid of myself. I never went to the last check-up. Oops. Well, I live in Scotland now, screw Jorvi.

I think I might start to write about OI more now. I have somehow avoided bringing it up, as it doesn’t really affect my doings at all. Like for example I have been on the same IRC channel for the past 4 years and only today one guy found out I have OI. Which is quite weird because I think I have talked about it earlier on several occasions! Well, you can’t catch everything, not even on #ETD…

I’m going to start using more Twitter again. Twitter is so much fun.

Other news, well my electric wheelchairs charger is broken AGAIN, so I can’t really go out at the moment! Shoo, luckily it’s reading week. I can go to the library and the Hub (because I live between them), which is the main cafeteria in the campus. Otherwise the campus is such a cobble stone hell that I have no intentions on doing that at the moment. My shoulder is a bit sore still, I fell on my back last week at the Priory. Might be a small fracture somewhere in there but hey, what are you going to do about a fracture in your back? Smart, but hey, we had fun and triple vodka orange juices were 3£! TRIPLE. You know I love vodka.



Huomasin että joku on alkanut seuraamaan mun blogia Bloglovinissa, niin ajattelin rekisteröityä sinne! Ihan kätevän oloinen. Seuraan siellä tällä hetkellä kaverini Teemun blogia “Thing for the Bling” ja legendaarista “The Sartorialist“ia. 🙂 Tutustun siihen ehkä vähän myöhemmin, nyt on hirveä kiire kirjoittaa 1500 sanan essee loppuun! Neljältä palautus eli vähän yli neljä tuntia aikaa. HUHHUH. Editoin tätä myöhemmin ja listaan pari muuta mielenkiintoista blogia. Mua voi seurata Bloglovinissa klikkaamalla seuraavaa linkkiä:


Loch Ness

We were at Loch Ness few weeks ago on 8.10.2011, I have totally forgot to blog about it! The trip was organised by The International Society, InterSoc, and it was a really good trip!

Henri and the first Loch Ness Monster we saw:

We had a boat ride across the lake to the Urquhart Castle and it was really cool.

The hills around the lake were super high, but the clouds were so slow that you can’t really see it from the pictures. We were quite astonished how the lake can be that big and deep and still it’s between these high hills. Loch Ness contains more fresh water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined…

Magners, of course. A stereotypical Finn on a cruise:

InterSoc’s mascot, Mr Duncan McBooze:

The Urquhart Castle:

And some pics of us in the castle ruins:

We also had some time to spend shopping or eating at Inverness, which is regarded as the capital of Highlands. Interesting fact about Inverness, it is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

Birds of Prey at Inverness:

We had some pasta at a great Italian Restaurant called Little Italy. It was awesome, there was a group of middle aged women celebrating a birthday and the Italian waiters were so charming. They were in tears when the head waiter sang them a song, I think it was Bella Italiana or something like that. Henri videotaped a bit of it, I might add the video here later…

And on the way home in the bus:

N.B. We are NOT a couple!