Tjøme, Norway 2012

I know, I have been a lazy little blogger. Last post June 23rd. Embarrassing! Anyway, I will make a short reportage of our trip to Norway, which I have blogged about before. So as said, it was a camp for young adults with OI. I was there with my friend Noora, who you might remember from some previous posts.

The views were amazing. This is from the bridge to Tjøme. It is an island you see!  And now here’s some pictures from the first night. You can see the night wasn’t exactly sober.

Noora and some belgians on the background

Noora and some belgians on the background.

Drinks on the table!

Me! I still have brown hair!

Then I have plenty of party pictures from other nights:

Norway vs. Finland – anyone surprised that Finland is already empty?

Leah (from England) and I

Noora looking fabulous as ever!

We had a shopping trip and a dinner in Tonsberg, which was so awesome. The food was gorgeous, I had steak and a beautiful chocolate fondant for dinner (pictures will follow).

Noora wasn’t happy about the alcohol prices in Norway – EXPENSIVE STUFF…

Chocolate Fondant at Esmeralda

More drinks! The boys offered! 😉

Then we visited the Värdens ende, the Worlds end. A seagull shat on Noora’s head!

Noora at Värdens Ende

Me at Värdens Ende! It was so windy!

For once there’s someone with the same size of shoes! (32)

I didn’t want to publish all of my pictures because people might not want to be displayed on the internez. So if you are my facebook friend, you can find them in my Tjøme, Norway 2012-album. Might be that you can see those pictures anyway with that link. Don’t really care.

We didn’t have any assistants, so we were kind of travelling by ourselves. There was two other Finnish girls on the camp and we were all on the same flights. We mostly hung out with the awesome Norwegian boys! All in all, it was a great experience.

At the airport

So, I was in Barcelona last week, I will try to post about it sooner than I posted about Norway. I’m so brown. Maybe I’ll do some Summer in Helsinki post too.

Oh yeah, and I got a job! I started today in Sentraali, a Finnish number service. So cool!


Midsummer’s festives

This has been a weird month since I haven’t had a job and I have been able to just chill out in parks and beaches with my friends. Luckily I have two job interviews on Monday, and I’m really looking forward to the first one. I have to find my job sertificates somewhere, not sure where I’ve put them last year. I hope I’ll find them but if not, I’ll just have to hope for the best. And it’s off to Norway on Wednesday with Noora, I am so excited about that. I hope the weather will be great because we both like to sunbathe.

I haven’t had a real Summer vacation since… 2008? Now I’ve had a month and I don’t know if I have spent it really well. Quite a lot of drinking and partying. And I haven’t read a single book! I’m still in the middle of the second book of A Dance with Dragons. I am such a huge fan of the series. I just wish George R. R. Martin would write the next books faster. Nothing is more annoying than waiting for the next installment.

Kim and Mira in Kaisaniemi Park

We have been spending a lot of time in Hietaniemi Beach, it is my favorite beach in Helsinki, located in the Töölö district.

Kim at Hietaniemi Beach with his fancy sunglasses.

Yesterday we were at our friends in Northern Helsinki and sunbathed the whole day, topless obviously! I get tanned so easily so I don’t like to have awful tan lines.

Me with no makeup. I’m not really that burnt, it’s just an Instagram effect I think.

It’s the Midsummer festival now and almost everyone else is out of town. I didn’t have any cottage party to attend so we had a city juhannus.  We were at dtm yesterday with my friends Hanna & Joni. A lot of our friends ended up in there later in the evening. Almost all of my friends are in the gay scene, so it feels like going to home when you go to dtm, the biggest gay bar in Scandinavia, I think.

Hanna and Joni in dtm.

Me at dtm.

Though there were only 3 of us in the table we had like 3 drinks each because they were only 3e before 23.00. So we decided to save some money and buy a few extra. I wasn’t too drunk though, probably because on Thursday I was super drunk. I don’t know if there’s a word for it in English but in Finnish we’d say suojakänni. It means that you can’t get too drunk on the second night in a row. On the table there’s a shot of salmariIt’s a mixed liqueur that tastes like salty liquorice. I think many foreigners dislike the taste. I think I’m going to take a bottle of that to Spain in August to see what the people from my IRC channel think of it.

Glasgow 2012

I started to write this post already a week ago but I just forgot it somehow. It’s my 23rd birthday today! Anyways, this is the years first travel post! I was in Glasgow with my buddy Kim about a month ago for the first time! Streets of Glasgow! We stayed at a hostel called the Eurohostel on 318 Clyde Street.

Though I do have to say that it was more of a cheap hotel room experience than a raunchy 14-bed dorm one. But it was relatively cheap! Like £40 a night if I remember right. We had a double room with a tv! And a shower (which was more like pressure washer attached to the ceiling). Some pictures from our hotel rooms window:
View1 Eurohostel

View 2 Eurohostel

Downstairs there was a nice bar that served food as well called Mint&Lime. I really liked the mojitos, though the cute bartender he isn’t the best mojito maker! I think I had a lasagne. It tasted a bit like a microwave dish but I guess that’s what you get for £4 (?).
Me at Mint&Lime
Kim eating something, I don’t remember anymore what.
Kim at Mint&Lime

Later we were at the Polo Lounge, which was quite a cool gay bar on 84 Wilson Street. The upstairs was more like a relaxed place to have a few drinks and talk with people, the drinks were a lot more expensive upstairs. Well we dragged our party animal butts downstairs to the club! It was great! We went there twice during our trip. On the second time I left early, I got a bit tired! I’m old now!
Kim at Polo Lounge
Me at Polo Lounge
One evening we dined out in a fancy turkish restaurant Anatolia on 140 St. Vincent Street. The food was great, we ordered some mixed grill dish for two. It had meat and chicken over a bed of delicious veggies and couscous. It was really good! Me at Anatolia
Kim at Anatolia
Haha you can see the guy in the kitchen in the background. The previous night we had been at our friend Mira’s place on White Street. I had a bit too much to drink I guess, so I ended up throwing up in the kitchen sink, picture of Mira and me on the counter follows:
Mira and me

So, that was a bit embarrassing.

Overall opinion on Glasgow, I really liked it more than Edinburgh. Though I have been only once in Edinburgh when we went to vote in the presidential elections this year. I just felt Glasgow was a bit more edgy. And there was a hell of a less stairs. Compared to Aberdeen there was actually less accessible curbs and a lot less curb ramps, or maybe I’m just getting so familiar with this city that I remember what road to take to make the journey with least steps and most smooth curbs. I loved the feeling of a big city. Oh how I miss Helsinki. I will be there soon!

Happy birthday for me!

PS. the flights to Barcelona have been booked! We are leaving on 10.8. to our trip across Europe!

Next August – Interrail

It is always a blast to travel with Eric, and now we decided to make a grand tour next August. We are not sure how we can get vacation from our jobs, so we are only taking the shortest 10-day Interrail pass. It means that during the 10 days, you can travel 5 days anywhere in Europe. I’m not really concerned about if the trains will be accessible or not, because I am going with my manual wheelchair and I am quite flexible. I can climb short stairs and Eric is a skilled pusher.

Now we both have some friends in Spain, Eric’s relatives live in Northern Italy and I have a friend in Pisa, so we are probably going to start with Barcelona and Valencia. Then I think we might take the coastal route to Italy, or by a boat or plane to Rome or something, which ever is the cheapest and fastest. I think we might take a normal train to Valencia and take a Ryanair to Rome and start the Interrail pass from there, instead of using the precious days in Spain. I am so excited, because I haven’t been to the Mediterranean and we will be there in August! It will be warm and wonderful. And seeing friends will be so awesome, because they know the best places in town! I think I’m going to love it. After Italy, I am still unsure. After that we don’t really have anything must-see. We already saw Berlin, though we could do it again in summertime.

If we go east, there is close by Zagreb in Croatia and Trieste in Slovenia, which both might be cool places to see and cheap to roam. And up from them would be Budapest in Hungary and Wien in Austria and Praha in Czech Republic. I would gladly go all the way down to Greece or all the way east to Bulgaria. But we do have a final destination in a totally opposite direction; London. But we might have time for Trieste and Zagreb… And Berlin.

If we go west, we could see the coast of France! Monaco, Nice… And then we could see the French countryside, Geneve and end up in Paris. From Paris we could easily take a train to Belgium and the Netherlands. I have already seen and experienced the wonders of Amsterdam but Eric hasn’t, and I wouldn’t mind experiencing Amsterdam again in the Summer. It was such an amazing city and I think last time when I was there with Kim, we didn’t really take it all in because we slept so late and it was dark and cold and rainy when we finally got out of our hotel room. And I’d like to see the hostel culture there too, last time I was in Amsterdam, we we’re in a bit more fancy hotel.

From there it’s easy to go to London in short notice. Of course we could go to London earlier, because there’s still so much to see in that city and I haven’t been there in August really. The reason we are going there for last is the South West 4 festival in Clapham Common. It has some names I know, like Eric Prydz, Skrillex, Knife Party, Paul Van Dyk and Benny Benassi. I am a bit scared already because I’m going to be on my manual and I really don’t like being in thick crowds with it. I was in Ruisrock with it and I had a cast on my leg but I bet this time there will be a lot more people. I hope there’s going to be some wheelchair platform. My friends live right next to the park and they’ve asked me to come there and it is going to be so awesome! I really do love London.

Hyvää isinpäivää!

Hyvää isänpäivää iskälle Turkuun ja Topi-Ukille Kotkaan! Ja muillekkin iseille, esim. Henrille!

Toi musiikkivideo tosin aiheutti mulle pahemman matkustuskuumeen!

En voi soittaa Suomeen ku mun liittymään kuuluu vaan tietty määrä krediittejä soittaa ulkomaille! Ja ne on nyt taas täynnä, ja mun brittipankkikortilla ei oo rahaa ostaa lisää. Tarttis selvittää se IBAN-tilinumero että vois siirtää sinne Suomen tililtä…

Täällä menee ihan hyvin, vähän mennyt juhlimiseksi koko tää viikko kun suomalaisvieraita ollut joka päivä melkein, ihanat Eric ja Marko.

Copyright: Andrada Miere Photography

Eric, Henri ja minä Revolution Barissa… Yks meidän lemppareista, parasta ruokaa ja mielettömiä drinksuja!

Videos from Flow Festival

The Do – On my Shoulders ❤

Jamie Woon

Kanye West‘s opening scene, they had so cool ballerinas!

I was a great gig!

Flow festival 2011 day 1

Okay, I was at Flow Festival 2011 in Helsinki this year  12.-14.8.. No wonder some call it the Fashion Week of Helsinki. You could really see the latest of the latest trends. My friend Eric is quite style conscious so he had to have something special everyday. I tried my best too, I really loved my first days outfit:

Electric swimsuit I bought from an online flea market last year. It says Dior but I highly doubt that. 🙂 The skirt is from Zara, I really really love it. It stays in shape as it is quite stiff. The shoes are from Dinsko’s children’s department. I get sometimes lucky,  because nobody wants to see a 7-year old wearing too fierce shoes, so all the 32-sized shoes are in the FINAL SALE-shelf. Original price 40€ ->> 9,95€. Nice one, and real leather too. The necklace and matching bracelets are from H&M. They were really cool but kinda annoying because the feathers got tangled all the time and tickled me.

In the pic we are at Eric’s balcony. Here’s some pics:

AND, I learned how to do french braids. Through Youtube.

Fancy vest huh?

And some pics from the evening with all the lights:

I am making all the days separate posts. Unfortunately the last gig was Röyksopp which we both really like. We were about in the third row, so very close to the stage. The show was actually quite boring, everybody said so after-wards. There weren’t really any other favorites, so we travelled back and forth to Herttoniemi to drink some booze. Quite boring, I have to try to stay in the venue next year. Even though it might mean super expensive ciders.

After that, I headed to DTM, which had a foam party. Unfortunately my phone’s battery had long died so couldn’t get any pics from the Röyksopp or the foamy gays! 😦 At least I was already wearing the swimsuit…