A new phone or a new camera

I want to buy a new phone to take pictures with, but then again, maybe I should stay with my old piece of crap and just buy a camera to take pictures with. Then again there’s apps like Instagram I would like to start using.


Instagram (Photo credit: Frank Hamm)



My iPhone owner friends have been raving about it for years now. And now it’s on android as well and I really like android more than iPhone. I actually had to try Instagram so I downloaded it on Kim’s phone and created an account.  Not much pics yet, just this pic of my friend J.:

I really like Instagram so I might have to get a new android just for that. With what money, I have no idea. I’m still stuggling with job stuff, my electric wheelchair has been in repair for over a week and I haven’t really had any interest in going to job interviews with my manual one. I hate it when technology fails me in life!

Anyway, I hope I will get to borrow my parents’ camera for the trip to Norway and Europe.

Which reminds me, not much time left for our trip to Norway. The camp is for young adults with OI, so I expect to meet some other sisters and brothers of short stature! There’s some people I know already like Salla and Betti from Finland and Ingunn from Norway (who I’ve never really met) and Stephanie from Belgium (who I met a few years back in Finland). It’s going to be so awesome, I’m going with one of my best buddies, Noora, and well, we are quite a duo:


That was from last summer’s Ruisrock, I had my hot broken thigh bone and the lobster leg cast. I wish I could go this year as well, but I think my accounts balance forbids me such things.

I need to get my hair more blond before the trip. That’s kinda our thing, being two hot blond midgets on wheels. And sharing things. No more comments on that one.



How to fit a life to a suitcase?

I feel like time is going so fast! I am flying on the 19.9. through Copenhagen to Aberdeen. My studies begin on the 20th day and I’m so excited. I met yesterday some other girls who are moving there too! Really nice people, it’s comforting to know there are people who know what I mean when I miss salty liquorice. I should start sorting out all the stuff I’m going to take with me. I have that ear surgery on the 1st of September, yay, I’m going to hear again. Good, because I am totally in love with Hurts.

I feel this song.

The loverless nights, they seem so long,
I know that I’ll hold you someday.
But until you come back where you belong,
It’s just another lonely Sunday.

I have a flu

Day number two. In a flu.

Nice rhyme. I have zero energy. I was going to do the day two and day three of the Flow weekend but I just don’t feel like it. For the past few days I have been just watching the fourth season of True Blood. I really, really love Eric Northman.  I finished the episode 7 last night, so I will be watching the 8th today, which aired last week in the States, so after I watch that and download this weeks episode, I’m on the same schedule as they are. Yippee.

I continued to read Clash of Kings too.  I don’t know why I had stopped reading it last month. Maybe I had just so much other stuff to do last month, all the partying and seeing friends. I don’t feel like that at all right now. It’s under a month and I’m leaving to Scotland and everything is coming more real every day. I still can’t quite comprehend all of it yet. When I first moved out “big time” I moved in a weeks notice because I got my place of study in a sort of second applying round. So I moved out and lived a week or two at my friend’s place and got a flat in Helsinki. That was so fast I didn’t really have the time to think about it. It was quite a change, I have 3 siblings and though my sister had already moved out a year ago it was still 5 of us and a dog in Aura. And in Helsinki I was  200 kilometres away. Well, I didn’t really feel home sick or anything and I could go to Turku like every other week. Then it came like every month and lately it has been once in few months. Helsinki had become my home. I had my new friends here and kind of the old ones in Turku started to feel more distant.

Now I’m moving away again from most of my friends. There will of course be Henri, and the world is so small that Facebook will keep me informed of all the stuff happening in Helsinki and Turku. And I know that with my social skills, my amount of FB friends will probably hit 1000 by the end of the year… It’s just that I love Helsinki so much. I hope I will love Aberdeen too as much. Well it won’t have DTM… and all my gays.

I have been writing at isory.org with some other people going to Aberdeen too this year and I think we are going to meet on Friday in Helsinki. How cool is that! Really I can’t wait to get there. All the new people and ALL THE NEW COURSES. I love picking courses and planning on my studies.

BBQ-chicken baguette





This time I cooked for Kim! I didn’t know he was not a fan of BBQsauce, but he did eat it anyway. So I made a BBQ-chicken baguette. It was super easy to make, just took some effort. Anyone who has cleaned a rotisserie chicken knows it’s a nightmare especially if you are super hungry (I DID NOT EAT ALL OF THE MEAT BEFORE IT HIT THE PAN).

Ok so:

  • 1 rotisserie chicken
  • Some cheese (Ok this was an accident, the label said “tuorejuusto” and I assumed it was soft cheese, but turned out to be “Finnish Milk Cheese (??)” [kotijuusto]. Didn’t work like I hoped. I would recommend bleu cheese here, but it was so high in the store I couldn’t reach it and got bored to wait someone to come give it to me…)


  • Some salad


First, you clean the grilled chicken and tear the meat as much as you can, with a fork or like I did, with fingers. Then you pile up the teared up chicken to a pan and add as much BBQ-sauce as you like. I put like… 1-2 dl… This depends on your liking and the amount of chicken. Then you heat the meat in the pan and meanwhile I halved and split the baguette to two pieces (See the pic if you can’t figure out what I mean…) Then I put the cheese in between and placed them in the oven opened under “grill mode”. When the breads get a bit crusty, I filled them with the lovely moist BBQ-chicken and some salad and that’s it. Easy as … making babies, ehh? I really wish I had the bleu cheese but it was eatable. I would recommend feta too, if you are not a fan of bleu cheese. I bet you could do this too with a sweet chilli sauce or a curry sauce too.

Oven salmon










We had a nice dinner with Kim & Anton at my place. I’m so happy, I have an htc again! As you can see, it gives a lot better image quality. I’ve taken these with Vignette App, which I bought the full version for. I really love my Sensation.

So we had oven-baked salmon, hollandaise sauce and potatoes with some baguette. For the dessert we had blueberry curd, which in my opinion wasn’t that good. But salmon, ahh I love salmon.

Sangria Party in my Party Bed

Remember that bag-in-box wine I had? Well, we decided it was SANGRIA TIME on Sunday. And we made a lot of sangria and drank it in my bed, with Kim, Eric and Mira. Some pics:

Sangria and Kim’s legs.

Eric and the… Third leg?

Clockwork Orange ?

Now who’s going to drink in my bed when I move to Scotland? There is zero Kim, Eric and Mira in Aberdeen but maybe I’ll find some replacements. I hope so. Well, Henri is there:

There opened a new gay bar in Helsinki few weeks ago and this is from the pre party we were in. K23 at Urho Kekkosen katu 5, Helsinki. I think the pic was quite cool. Notice the shots. UFO UFO UFO, and a blueberry shot.



EDIT : //

Also lastly I want to add that I have been quite emotional about the bloodbath in Norway. Reading all the news and looking at the pictures of the mourning Norwegians have brought tears to my eyes every day. An uncomprehendable act of evil.


Delicious Lasagna part. 2




See the mushrooms……… AHHH. Thyme & Mushrooms. A match made in Heaven.


See the burn mark? This is what happens when you have 3 glasses of wine and THEN try to take the lasagna out of the oven.

Final verdict?

It was abso-fucking-lutely awesome.