Well, I ended up buying a new phone… again

I was so pissed off yesterday, because I had a job interview and I was on time and found the place. But! I pressed the buzzer, didn’t hear a thing and nothing happened. And obviously I had forgotten to take the interviewers number from my email and my old piece of shit phone couldn’t log in to Gmail. Anyway, I got it rescheduled later, but I was so pissed I went and bought a new htc Sensation. It was cheaper this time around. I had to take it on a monthly paid plan because well, you could say I’m a bit short on cash at the moment. I love it! I’m trying to remember all the great apps I had last year on it. I installed Seekdroid to my phone and I hope that this time it will work. Last time I don’t know what happened but it just didn’t work. Seekdroid allows you to lock your phone, make it beep and you can send a message to it. You can also track it on GPS. So cool.

My feet! I love these shoes, bought them from Zara Kids. Taken with Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram “Idscu”.

I also installed Whatsapp, Instagram, Foursquare, Google Drive and Spotify immediately. I have had Spotify Premium all the time so finally I get to benefit from it again.  Oh yeah; I have to remember to download the WordPress app too.

Do you have any favorite apps?