Flow festival 2011 day 1

Okay, I was at Flow Festival 2011 in Helsinki this year  12.-14.8.. No wonder some call it the Fashion Week of Helsinki. You could really see the latest of the latest trends. My friend Eric is quite style conscious so he had to have something special everyday. I tried my best too, I really loved my first days outfit:

Electric swimsuit I bought from an online flea market last year. It says Dior but I highly doubt that. 🙂 The skirt is from Zara, I really really love it. It stays in shape as it is quite stiff. The shoes are from Dinsko’s children’s department. I get sometimes lucky,  because nobody wants to see a 7-year old wearing too fierce shoes, so all the 32-sized shoes are in the FINAL SALE-shelf. Original price 40€ ->> 9,95€. Nice one, and real leather too. The necklace and matching bracelets are from H&M. They were really cool but kinda annoying because the feathers got tangled all the time and tickled me.

In the pic we are at Eric’s balcony. Here’s some pics:

AND, I learned how to do french braids. Through Youtube.

Fancy vest huh?

And some pics from the evening with all the lights:

I am making all the days separate posts. Unfortunately the last gig was Röyksopp which we both really like. We were about in the third row, so very close to the stage. The show was actually quite boring, everybody said so after-wards. There weren’t really any other favorites, so we travelled back and forth to Herttoniemi to drink some booze. Quite boring, I have to try to stay in the venue next year. Even though it might mean super expensive ciders.

After that, I headed to DTM, which had a foam party. Unfortunately my phone’s battery had long died so couldn’t get any pics from the Röyksopp or the foamy gays! 😦 At least I was already wearing the swimsuit…


Glass o’ wine




Empty tire