The Inglorious Basque-ard Burger

This would make me so happy. Please someone make me this. Which reminds me, I haven’t updated this blog in ages. I don’t have any consistency in hobbies anyway. I think I’ve been to Barcelona, Berlin and Costa del Sol since my last post and a lot of other stuff has happened to me since my last post. Still, I’m always dreaming of the next trip. This is a pintxo style burger. Pintxo is a sort of a tapas they eat in Northern Spain, love them.



Bueno. This Basque beauty is a pinch sweet, a pintxo salty, and all kinds of Spanish lisp-y. Behold, this braised oxtail burger comes served in it’s own sherry fortified jus, topped with seared foie gras, candied Jamón Ibérico, and skewered to a crispy slice of country bread lathered in a roast physalis, shallot compote.  San Sebastián… you complete me.

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