Funny stuff you see in UK

We have been laughing at the British product labels and descriptions the whole year I’ve been here in Aberdeen. Henri usually takes a picture and share’s them on Facebook, so I’ll post them here too:

Pork Faggots – You asked for it! Now with more sauce!

I bought these once, didn’t really read the product description as I thought they were just ordinary meatballs. Instead, their main ingredient is liver! When I was younger I always avoided liver in everything but now I’m cool with it. I even bought liver pate the other day.

Heinz’s Spotted Dick Pudding

This one also cracks me up everytime I see it. I don’t know if it’s because of the word “dick” or the fact that it’s also spotted. Haven’t tasted this one.

Midget Gems – They might be small, but they still taste great!

Sainsbury’s Basics is like a super cheap product line they sell only in Sainsbury’s. And they have hilarious packaging. They are like joking about not being a fancy brand. I have a Basics toilet cleaner that says: “Toilet Cleaner – cleans, no added promises”. Now these midget gems, I don’t know if I should feel a bit offended or not.

Henri with some Raspberry Screwballs

Screw…. balls… screwballs. I know, I’m 15.

Next there’s another Basics product:

Instant Mashed Potato Mix  – less white, still alright

I think someone might actually feel offended by this! I thought it was funny!

In the end I’ll add another picture of me at TGI Fridays, I think I have been there like 10 times during my studies here. This one is from yesterday when we were eating there with Henri & Matti:

Me at Union Square’s TGIFridays eating a Wild Boar Burger!

Never had wild boar before, so I had to taste it! Didn’t really taste so different, I thought it might be more gamy, like rabbit or something like that but it was alright. Also I thought it would have been like a fillet but it was like a normal burger beef. It had sauteed apple slices which complemented the flavors quite well. I was joking that’s the boar that killed Robert Baratheon. LOL. Also, I really need a haircut. I’m like one of the Beatles soon.

After TGIFridays we went to the movies to see The Dictator, which in my opinions was a bit too much at some points. It was funny most of the time but I think there are some things you can’t really joke about, like rape victims committing suicide…


Flight tickets to Norway and Helsinki

I just booked flights back home. This time too I had to book the flights from British Airways because SAS doesn’t take my electric wheelchair on their flights from Aberdeen to Heathrow. I had a bit of a fight with them last year when I flew here with my manual and electric wheelchair. Luckily SAS refunded the tickets to me in the end. Anyway, it has been a great year here in Aberdeen and now it’s time to go home!

Oh god I love the bag. I bought it from Heathrow’s Harrods when I first came last September. I was feeling a bit glamorous with all that student loan on my bank account. It’s Marc Jacobs and I think it was something like £300 on discount. A bit annoying though, it has been darkening a bit in use and I once had a bit of an accident with it; I was driving from Sainbury’s with 5 bags of food and somehow the shoulder strap got under my front tire and I couldn’t stop in time, so I drove a 360 around and over it. Luckily my phone didn’t break. I hurt my leg too a bit because it got tangled in the bag and all my stuff flew around. Some lovely people came over and helped me. The bag got a lot of scratches, fortunately most in the back so you don’t really notice it.

I also booked the flights to Norway! I am going with my friend Noora to an OI Youth Camp in Norway in June! Never been to Norway before. So excited, I will be meeting some people I have only talked to online. I’ll post from there, I think the place will be amazing and hopefully the weather too.

I am flying home on the 22.5. and I will be in Finland approximately 15:15. I’m so happy I miss my friends and unlike almost everyone else here, I didn’t go home for the Easter holiday. Didn’t have the funds.

This is from one of our favorite bars here; the Bobbin:

In love with Angus & Julia Stone

I recently started to listen to Angus & Julia Stone and I am absolutely loving this song:

Angus & Julia Stone – For You

I think I have been a bit melancholic anyway the few past weeks and listening to music like this does not help! I think these periods always come to me in the darkest time of the year. Could be hormones too, my stomach has really hurt for the last 24 hours, last night felt like somebody was stabbing me. Nice job for sharing this on my blog, but, whatever. I don’t really like to be moody and emotional. I have quite a few times sobbed here about how much I miss my friends in Helsinki. And I miss Helsinki. It’s understandable I guess, I live in another country and I don’t even have any more credits to call to Finland. I had to ask my brothers girlfriend today on Facebook to ask my mom to call me.  🙂 Everyone says I’ll get used to it and I don’t doubt that. Just takes a while and a few bottles of red wine I guess. I am glad that I have good friends here too.

Wow, that voice.



Recent few days

In the recent days I have made a bit of research on my fellow OI people. Most of you who have read my blog know me and you know that I have a disability, well, it is called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.  I have several good friends with OI in Finland and now here in Scotland I actually feel a bit lonely. So I’m on a mission. There has to bee some other OI’s in Aberdeen! It’s just a statistical fact. I want to meet them. How are the gimp circles around here?

Me as a little girl in my first wheelchair.

I have bumped into some great blog’s too this week, for example Sandy’s Perfectly Imperfecta ! It’s funny how even though each OI is a unique person, we often have so much in common. Most of the OI’s I know from Finland are smart and educated. Must be all that reading when you don’t have time to ski and play ice-hockey… I think having a disability like OI also develops your problem solving skills, as sometimes you really have to calculate on how are you going to do this and that, without breaking a bone in the process. Especially if you have already broken something and you have a cast, which are often a bit heavy.

I broke my left femur last summer and I think it never healed. They just couldn’t make high and tight enough cast that it would have held the thigh in place. So they changed it four times. They should have listened to me, I told them that they should put some small nails there to keep the bone in place (like they did two summers before when I broke the right femur the same way and it healed absolutely fine) On the last time I asked them to make a cast I can get rid of myself. I never went to the last check-up. Oops. Well, I live in Scotland now, screw Jorvi.

I think I might start to write about OI more now. I have somehow avoided bringing it up, as it doesn’t really affect my doings at all. Like for example I have been on the same IRC channel for the past 4 years and only today one guy found out I have OI. Which is quite weird because I think I have talked about it earlier on several occasions! Well, you can’t catch everything, not even on #ETD…

I’m going to start using more Twitter again. Twitter is so much fun.

Other news, well my electric wheelchairs charger is broken AGAIN, so I can’t really go out at the moment! Shoo, luckily it’s reading week. I can go to the library and the Hub (because I live between them), which is the main cafeteria in the campus. Otherwise the campus is such a cobble stone hell that I have no intentions on doing that at the moment. My shoulder is a bit sore still, I fell on my back last week at the Priory. Might be a small fracture somewhere in there but hey, what are you going to do about a fracture in your back? Smart, but hey, we had fun and triple vodka orange juices were 3£! TRIPLE. You know I love vodka.



Huomasin että joku on alkanut seuraamaan mun blogia Bloglovinissa, niin ajattelin rekisteröityä sinne! Ihan kätevän oloinen. Seuraan siellä tällä hetkellä kaverini Teemun blogia “Thing for the Bling” ja legendaarista “The Sartorialist“ia. 🙂 Tutustun siihen ehkä vähän myöhemmin, nyt on hirveä kiire kirjoittaa 1500 sanan essee loppuun! Neljältä palautus eli vähän yli neljä tuntia aikaa. HUHHUH. Editoin tätä myöhemmin ja listaan pari muuta mielenkiintoista blogia. Mua voi seurata Bloglovinissa klikkaamalla seuraavaa linkkiä:


Hyvää isinpäivää!

Hyvää isänpäivää iskälle Turkuun ja Topi-Ukille Kotkaan! Ja muillekkin iseille, esim. Henrille!

Toi musiikkivideo tosin aiheutti mulle pahemman matkustuskuumeen!

En voi soittaa Suomeen ku mun liittymään kuuluu vaan tietty määrä krediittejä soittaa ulkomaille! Ja ne on nyt taas täynnä, ja mun brittipankkikortilla ei oo rahaa ostaa lisää. Tarttis selvittää se IBAN-tilinumero että vois siirtää sinne Suomen tililtä…

Täällä menee ihan hyvin, vähän mennyt juhlimiseksi koko tää viikko kun suomalaisvieraita ollut joka päivä melkein, ihanat Eric ja Marko.

Copyright: Andrada Miere Photography

Eric, Henri ja minä Revolution Barissa… Yks meidän lemppareista, parasta ruokaa ja mielettömiä drinksuja!

In the City

I explored the city and took some nice pics on Thursday. Here are some:

If I would be less lazy I could adjust some lightness so you could see a bit better but meh. I’m eating my 2£ chicken tagliatelle.  // Jos en olisi niin laiska niin säätäisin vähän valoisuutta näissä kuvissa että näkisitte vähän paremmin mutta eiii jaksa. Syön mun kahden punnan kana tagliatellen.

Diagon Alley ? // Viistokuja ?


Jesus just chillin’…

Willy Wonka Factory?

A church for sale, anyone? // Kirkko myynnissä

There are churches for sale or they are made in to offices, apartments or clubs. There are atleast three clubs in the city that are former churches. We were at one already, Slains Castle, which was like a horror house. Really cool and accessible too. // Täällä on kirkkoja myynnissä tai niistä on tehty toimistoja, asuntoja tai clubeja. Kaupungilta löytyy ainakin kolme clubia entisissä kirkoissa. Me oltiin yhdessä jo, Slains Castlessa, joka oli niinku kauhutalo. Aivan sikamageeee ja esteetön.


Library // Kirjasto

The library again and on the right the pinkish house is where I live. / Kirjasto jälleen ja mä asun tossa vaalean punaisessa talossa oikealla

The brand new library from inside // Uuden karhea kirjasto sisältä

A view from the first floor in the library. // Näkymää kirjaston ekasta kerroksesta ylöspäin

And finally home sweet home! // Oma koti kullan kallis !!

The lowest window on the right is our kitchen window. I share a kitchen with one room mate. There is a third flat but I guess she hasn’t yet arrived or it’s just empty! My flat is surprisingly nice. I have a super large disabled accessible bathroom…. I’ll add some pics after I’ve cleaned up. Surprise, a week and the room is like a war hit it. I did some major shopping today at Topshop, they had a 20% student discount.

// Alin ikkuna oikealla on meidän keittiön ikkuna. Jaan keittiön yhden kämppiksen kanssa. Tässä on kyllä kolmaskin huone, mutta joko sen asukas ei ole vielä saapunut tai sitten se vaan jää tyhjäksi. Kämppä on yllättävän kiva. Mulla on valtava invakylpyhuone…. Lisään kuvia sitten joskus kun olen siivonnut. Yllättävää, oon asunut täällä viikon ja huone on ku sodan jäljiltä. Shoppailin tänään urakalla Topshopissa, siellä oli 20% opiskelija-alennus!