Next trip – Madrid & Málaga

After an intense two years of studying, I am almost finished with my degree in Sales at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. I still have to finish my thesis, which is by the way on Social Selling, and few technicalities with job placement and so on.

Anyway, to the trip. My good friends were going to Malaga for holiday and asked me to join in. I couldn’t resist because there was a sale at Norwegian in January. And because I have already been once in Málaga, I didn’t want to spend my whole trip there, so I booked my flights:

  • Helsinki – Madrid on 30th May
  • Málaga – Helsinki on 7th June.

I’m taking the Ave hi-speed train from Madrid to Malaga on 2nd June. In Madrid I am staying in The Hat, which seems to be a hipster hostel and in Málaga I will be staying at Alcazaba Premium Hostel. 

Should be interesting, Madrid a whole new love and Málaga my old friend. Looking forward to meet new people and eat the best food in the world.

Ps. In August I am going to Copenhagen and Barcelona.


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