Tomato Salmon Soup’

Today I thought I am going to make some tuna pasta. BUT. I noticed I have way too little pasta. I like to cook a bit bigger patch everytime so there’s leftovers for work or next day. And then I remembered I had some salmon fillets in the freezer. A plan began to emerge. Crushed tomatoes, the few handfuls of pasta, red onions, garlic, some small can of mushroom slices. And the salmon. Then I found some frozen pea-paprika-corn mix and added that too. And I remembered I have some instant Tom Yum-stuff and I threw a few bags of those too, just to give some asian flavour. I gotta say, it’s pretty good. I think I’m going to add some water to make it go a bit further, this plateful had quite a lot of stuff in it. The best thing about this was that I had all the stuff here at home! Didn’t have to go and buy anything. Which I couldn’t have done anyway since I have like 80 cents on my account at the moment.

I should make more soups. Especially now this time of the year.  It is Tuesday 25th of September now! I am going to schedule to tomorrow though, because I already posted one blog post today.

That bowl btw is from Iittala, the series is called Taika, which is the word for Magic in Finnish. I have only that one red bowl from it. Too bad, I really like it. I think they don’t even make it in red anymore, only in blue and white. I love big bowls because you can eat more from them once. The Taika series goes very well with another Iittala-series I have a lot of, Teema. I have a lot of Teema in black and white and some in grey, which has since been cancelled. Teema stands for Theme, in English.


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