Ground meat patties with bacon finish

Just look at those babies. All wrapped in delicious bacon. Did you know I love bacon?

I can’t really remember all the goody goody stuff we put into these, but I’ll try: fried onion and paprika, ground meat, some tomato puree, taco sauce, chives and obviously some bacon. There was a lot of otherstuff too I think. No eggs though. Some leftover parmesan flakes and parma ham too! I was a bit worried about the sides of the patties but I think they turned out great, didn’t stay uncooked or anything. The patties were a bit runny on the pan but turned out just perfect.

With them we had some sour cream sauce I made with random spices. And some potatoes.

Obviously some red wine too. The food was awesome, as always with my cooking buddy Vesa!




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