A Potato Lasagne

It’s been a long time since my last food post but here goes. I have been having a bit of financial difficulties so I’m trying to save some money by making food out of the stuff I have here at home. So I made up this casserole dish.

Potato lasagne a’la Ida

  • 2 carrots
  • 2-3 dl of soy meat
  • soy sauce
  • water
  • spices
  • potatoes
  • butter
  • can of crushed tomatoes

First I measured some spices to a dish and added about 2-3 dl of soy meat. Then I added some soy sauce, maybe 2-3 spoonfuls, Then I added hot water about the same amount I had the dry soy meat and let it stand for 15 minutes while I grated some carrots to a pan. I washed potatoes, maybe 10-15 smallish potatoes and put them to cook on the stove. After that I cooked the grated carrot a bit in butter and added some herbs of Provence spice mix. Then I added the soaked soy meat and some water to the pan. Then I added a can of crushed tomatoes. Basically I had some kind of a veggie sauce bolognese simmering at this point. I didn’t cook the potatoes all the way, maybe 15 minutes. Then I cut them to slices (with peels, I was feeling a bit lazy) and layered them to a casserole dish. I buttered the dish a bit before the potatoes. Oops, more fat. After that I added the bolognese sauce and mixed it with the potatoes. I added some water to cover all the potatoes and put it to 180 degrees for about an hour.

So basically I had like lasagne with the lasagne sheets replaced with potatoes and without any bechamel sauce. It’s still in the oven as I’m writing this. I put in quite a lot of spices because the soy meat is so bland. I made a huge dish of food with zero euros because I had all the ingredients here at home! It’s always good to stock up when you have money!

Here is what it looks like now that I take it out of the oven!

I think it looks quite good! And here is a picture of it on a plate:

I really liked it. Tastes good. Maybe a bit too much cayenne pepper, came a bit too spicy in my opinion, drowning all the herbs.

Kim came to eat too. We have a sauna night without a sauna. 

Other stuff: I started to work in Sentraali two weeks ago! We have been having some training and tomorrow is my first real actual shift. I work in number assistance, like connecting calls or finding contact information for customers. We also give timetables, routes and so on! It’s been really great, I really get to use my head! I’m so happy. Even though I’m not going back to Scotland this year. Maybe next year. Or then I’ll just apply to Helsinki University in the Spring…


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