A new phone or a new camera

I want to buy a new phone to take pictures with, but then again, maybe I should stay with my old piece of crap and just buy a camera to take pictures with. Then again there’s apps like Instagram I would like to start using.


Instagram (Photo credit: Frank Hamm)



My iPhone owner friends have been raving about it for years now. And now it’s on android as well and I really like android more than iPhone. I actually had to try Instagram so I downloaded it on Kim’s phone and created an account.  Not much pics yet, just this pic of my friend J.:

I really like Instagram so I might have to get a new android just for that. With what money, I have no idea. I’m still stuggling with job stuff, my electric wheelchair has been in repair for over a week and I haven’t really had any interest in going to job interviews with my manual one. I hate it when technology fails me in life!

Anyway, I hope I will get to borrow my parents’ camera for the trip to Norway and Europe.

Which reminds me, not much time left for our trip to Norway. The camp is for young adults with OI, so I expect to meet some other sisters and brothers of short stature! There’s some people I know already like Salla and Betti from Finland and Ingunn from Norway (who I’ve never really met) and Stephanie from Belgium (who I met a few years back in Finland). It’s going to be so awesome, I’m going with one of my best buddies, Noora, and well, we are quite a duo:


That was from last summer’s Ruisrock, I had my hot broken thigh bone and the lobster leg cast. I wish I could go this year as well, but I think my accounts balance forbids me such things.

I need to get my hair more blond before the trip. That’s kinda our thing, being two hot blond midgets on wheels. And sharing things. No more comments on that one.



One Comment on “A new phone or a new camera”

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