About the Interrail again

We were planning again for our trip in August. Originally we were going to end the trip in London in the South West 4, because my friends live there and it would be super cool. Then we started to search for other cool festivals during those two weeks we sail around Europe and we found the Zürich Openair 2012 and  Pukkelpop 2012  which both would be very cool. If we wanted to, we could do them both actually. What is so cool about them is that we found them using last.fm’s recommendations based on my music taste. I have been scrobbling my songs since 2006 so there’s a lot of data about my listening habits. Me and Eric have very similar tastes, we have super compatibility. Both of the festivals have Lykke Li, who Eric really likes. She was supposed to perform in Flow last year, but she cancelled on the same day. In Pukkelpop there would be Jamie Woon too, we really liked his gig in Flow. And Billy Talent, I really like them too.

And it would be a great round trip if we’d go to both, we could go from Barcelona to Valencia, then Rome and end up in Belgium for the weekend. Then the next week we could do maybe Amsterdam, Paris and end up in Zürich for the weekend for the Zürich Openair. Two festivals plus hundreds of train miles could be tiring! That would mean no London, but who cares, we have both been to London already!

PS. I finally added my last.fm charts to my blog. There’s my most listened songs of the week on the right. At the moment there’s Loreen’s Euphoria as number one, of course because of the Eurovision contest! It’s a great song and I knew she would win.


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