Funny stuff you see in UK

We have been laughing at the British product labels and descriptions the whole year I’ve been here in Aberdeen. Henri usually takes a picture and share’s them on Facebook, so I’ll post them here too:

Pork Faggots – You asked for it! Now with more sauce!

I bought these once, didn’t really read the product description as I thought they were just ordinary meatballs. Instead, their main ingredient is liver! When I was younger I always avoided liver in everything but now I’m cool with it. I even bought liver pate the other day.

Heinz’s Spotted Dick Pudding

This one also cracks me up everytime I see it. I don’t know if it’s because of the word “dick” or the fact that it’s also spotted. Haven’t tasted this one.

Midget Gems – They might be small, but they still taste great!

Sainsbury’s Basics is like a super cheap product line they sell only in Sainsbury’s. And they have hilarious packaging. They are like joking about not being a fancy brand. I have a Basics toilet cleaner that says: “Toilet Cleaner – cleans, no added promises”. Now these midget gems, I don’t know if I should feel a bit offended or not.

Henri with some Raspberry Screwballs

Screw…. balls… screwballs. I know, I’m 15.

Next there’s another Basics product:

Instant Mashed Potato Mix  – less white, still alright

I think someone might actually feel offended by this! I thought it was funny!

In the end I’ll add another picture of me at TGI Fridays, I think I have been there like 10 times during my studies here. This one is from yesterday when we were eating there with Henri & Matti:

Me at Union Square’s TGIFridays eating a Wild Boar Burger!

Never had wild boar before, so I had to taste it! Didn’t really taste so different, I thought it might be more gamy, like rabbit or something like that but it was alright. Also I thought it would have been like a fillet but it was like a normal burger beef. It had sauteed apple slices which complemented the flavors quite well. I was joking that’s the boar that killed Robert Baratheon. LOL. Also, I really need a haircut. I’m like one of the Beatles soon.

After TGIFridays we went to the movies to see The Dictator, which in my opinions was a bit too much at some points. It was funny most of the time but I think there are some things you can’t really joke about, like rape victims committing suicide…


2 Comments on “Funny stuff you see in UK”

  1. Henrik says:

    had a good laugh at these product names and descriptions lol !

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