Glasgow 2012

I started to write this post already a week ago but I just forgot it somehow. It’s my 23rd birthday today! Anyways, this is the years first travel post! I was in Glasgow with my buddy Kim about a month ago for the first time! Streets of Glasgow! We stayed at a hostel called the Eurohostel on 318 Clyde Street.

Though I do have to say that it was more of a cheap hotel room experience than a raunchy 14-bed dorm one. But it was relatively cheap! Like £40 a night if I remember right. We had a double room with a tv! And a shower (which was more like pressure washer attached to the ceiling). Some pictures from our hotel rooms window:
View1 Eurohostel

View 2 Eurohostel

Downstairs there was a nice bar that served food as well called Mint&Lime. I really liked the mojitos, though the cute bartender he isn’t the best mojito maker! I think I had a lasagne. It tasted a bit like a microwave dish but I guess that’s what you get for £4 (?).
Me at Mint&Lime
Kim eating something, I don’t remember anymore what.
Kim at Mint&Lime

Later we were at the Polo Lounge, which was quite a cool gay bar on 84 Wilson Street. The upstairs was more like a relaxed place to have a few drinks and talk with people, the drinks were a lot more expensive upstairs. Well we dragged our party animal butts downstairs to the club! It was great! We went there twice during our trip. On the second time I left early, I got a bit tired! I’m old now!
Kim at Polo Lounge
Me at Polo Lounge
One evening we dined out in a fancy turkish restaurant Anatolia on 140 St. Vincent Street. The food was great, we ordered some mixed grill dish for two. It had meat and chicken over a bed of delicious veggies and couscous. It was really good! Me at Anatolia
Kim at Anatolia
Haha you can see the guy in the kitchen in the background. The previous night we had been at our friend Mira’s place on White Street. I had a bit too much to drink I guess, so I ended up throwing up in the kitchen sink, picture of Mira and me on the counter follows:
Mira and me

So, that was a bit embarrassing.

Overall opinion on Glasgow, I really liked it more than Edinburgh. Though I have been only once in Edinburgh when we went to vote in the presidential elections this year. I just felt Glasgow was a bit more edgy. And there was a hell of a less stairs. Compared to Aberdeen there was actually less accessible curbs and a lot less curb ramps, or maybe I’m just getting so familiar with this city that I remember what road to take to make the journey with least steps and most smooth curbs. I loved the feeling of a big city. Oh how I miss Helsinki. I will be there soon!

Happy birthday for me!

PS. the flights to Barcelona have been booked! We are leaving on 10.8. to our trip across Europe!


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