Search terms that made people end up here

Seriously what’s up with people. I cracked when I saw that someone googled “scandinavian boobs” and ended up to my blog today. A few selected all time favorites:

  • aberdeen university ladies hockey club
  • broken wheelchair
  • little girl in wheelchair
  • men wearing navel nipples pierced
  • kumpula intiankatu (ehhh I live there)
  • people getting hit by loch ness monster in a boat
  • pyörätuolilla erasmus blogi
  • mtv3 chat 2011 rantalentis
  • conditional offer aberdeen international relations
  • fits suitcase girl (Is somebody going to kidnap me???)
  • espoo stolen bras
  • high school seniors with nipple piercing
  • vessa wheelchairs
  • osteogenesis imperfecta red eyes
  • mole in a wheelchair

Seriously, there was 19 times “nipple” 😀 Am I a nipple-centric blogger?


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