Next August – Interrail

It is always a blast to travel with Eric, and now we decided to make a grand tour next August. We are not sure how we can get vacation from our jobs, so we are only taking the shortest 10-day Interrail pass. It means that during the 10 days, you can travel 5 days anywhere in Europe. I’m not really concerned about if the trains will be accessible or not, because I am going with my manual wheelchair and I am quite flexible. I can climb short stairs and Eric is a skilled pusher.

Now we both have some friends in Spain, Eric’s relatives live in Northern Italy and I have a friend in Pisa, so we are probably going to start with Barcelona and Valencia. Then I think we might take the coastal route to Italy, or by a boat or plane to Rome or something, which ever is the cheapest and fastest. I think we might take a normal train to Valencia and take a Ryanair to Rome and start the Interrail pass from there, instead of using the precious days in Spain. I am so excited, because I haven’t been to the Mediterranean and we will be there in August! It will be warm and wonderful. And seeing friends will be so awesome, because they know the best places in town! I think I’m going to love it. After Italy, I am still unsure. After that we don’t really have anything must-see. We already saw Berlin, though we could do it again in summertime.

If we go east, there is close by Zagreb in Croatia and Trieste in Slovenia, which both might be cool places to see and cheap to roam. And up from them would be Budapest in Hungary and Wien in Austria and Praha in Czech Republic. I would gladly go all the way down to Greece or all the way east to Bulgaria. But we do have a final destination in a totally opposite direction; London. But we might have time for Trieste and Zagreb… And Berlin.

If we go west, we could see the coast of France! Monaco, Nice… And then we could see the French countryside, Geneve and end up in Paris. From Paris we could easily take a train to Belgium and the Netherlands. I have already seen and experienced the wonders of Amsterdam but Eric hasn’t, and I wouldn’t mind experiencing Amsterdam again in the Summer. It was such an amazing city and I think last time when I was there with Kim, we didn’t really take it all in because we slept so late and it was dark and cold and rainy when we finally got out of our hotel room. And I’d like to see the hostel culture there too, last time I was in Amsterdam, we we’re in a bit more fancy hotel.

From there it’s easy to go to London in short notice. Of course we could go to London earlier, because there’s still so much to see in that city and I haven’t been there in August really. The reason we are going there for last is the South West 4 festival in Clapham Common. It has some names I know, like Eric Prydz, Skrillex, Knife Party, Paul Van Dyk and Benny Benassi. I am a bit scared already because I’m going to be on my manual and I really don’t like being in thick crowds with it. I was in Ruisrock with it and I had a cast on my leg but I bet this time there will be a lot more people. I hope there’s going to be some wheelchair platform. My friends live right next to the park and they’ve asked me to come there and it is going to be so awesome! I really do love London.


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