Amsterdam 2011

I know, it’s a bit late to post about this but I just wanted to share some of the pics I took when we were exploring Amsterdam with Kim:

… We thought that was funny; Paskamers. Paska = Shit in Finnish…

We ordered some food from our hotel’s room service. Was awesome, I think it was beef carpaccio and salmon ceviché. I don’t remember what we had for main course but it was really good anyway. We were staying at the Albus, which was a great price quality combination for us. Near the centrum and very posh. I like both, cheap hostels and nice hotels!

We were at a british styled pub called Old Bell Engelse Pub.

We had a super nice dinner at a Portuguese restaurant.

From the red lights street:

We partied here:

like this:

On the last day:

I really loved Amsterdam, we did some crazy things I probably should not tell everyone on a public blog, but you get the idea. Nothing illegal… 😉


4 Comments on “Amsterdam 2011”

  1. […] when we finally got out of our hotel room. And I’d like to see the hostel culture there too, last time I was in Amsterdam, we we’re in a bit more fancy […]

  2. Sanna Taas says:

    I just love that foggy picture of tv tower! I’m reading a book about gravyyrioppi , I don’t know what’s it called in english (photogravure) and your pic has the same misty athmosphere. Cool!
    I tried to post comment…I don’t know can you see it or not.

    • Sanna Taas says:

      Silly me : I posted the comment in wrong entry (your picture of tv tower was taken in Berlin) …maby you wonder what I was talking about. I really shouldn´t comment anything while using this mini laptop 😀 I jump from one page to another without knowing all the time!

    • Yup, the camera didn’t take that sharp pics from that far and it was pretty foggy. 😀

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