Busy, Busy Holidays.

I have had the most amazing holiday and if I’m correct, the longest vacation from school or work in 4 years. Feels weird to just hang out. At the moment I’m at Kim’s place and he is at work. I should be reading for my oncoming exams next week. Slightly panicking once again. I was at Amsterdam and Berlin before I came to Finland so I have plenty of pictures to share. I have obviously uploaded them to facebook already (luckily, because my phone got stolen last week, once again…). Anyhow, I think will make two separate posts about both of them here too.

Me and my beautiful sister at our parents place in Jäkärlä, Turku at Christmas. Some red wine and Alias – the word explaining game with my lovely siblings! I’m always such a duckface… On the background there’s a charcoil picture of Ray Charles, which I made in high school’s art class. My teacher wanted to buy it but we decided not to sell. Probably the best one I ever made!

Ok, and now to write the Amsterdam post!


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