In love with Angus & Julia Stone

I recently started to listen to Angus & Julia Stone and I am absolutely loving this song:

Angus & Julia Stone – For You

I think I have been a bit melancholic anyway the few past weeks and listening to music like this does not help! I think these periods always come to me in the darkest time of the year. Could be hormones too, my stomach has really hurt for the last 24 hours, last night felt like somebody was stabbing me. Nice job for sharing this on my blog, but, whatever. I don’t really like to be moody and emotional. I have quite a few times sobbed here about how much I miss my friends in Helsinki. And I miss Helsinki. It’s understandable I guess, I live in another country and I don’t even have any more credits to call to Finland. I had to ask my brothers girlfriend today on Facebook to ask my mom to call me.  🙂 Everyone says I’ll get used to it and I don’t doubt that. Just takes a while and a few bottles of red wine I guess. I am glad that I have good friends here too.

Wow, that voice.




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