Loch Ness

We were at Loch Ness few weeks ago on 8.10.2011, I have totally forgot to blog about it! The trip was organised by The International Society, InterSoc, and it was a really good trip!

Henri and the first Loch Ness Monster we saw:

We had a boat ride across the lake to the Urquhart Castle and it was really cool.

The hills around the lake were super high, but the clouds were so slow that you can’t really see it from the pictures. We were quite astonished how the lake can be that big and deep and still it’s between these high hills. Loch Ness contains more fresh water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined…

Magners, of course. A stereotypical Finn on a cruise:

InterSoc’s mascot, Mr Duncan McBooze:

The Urquhart Castle:

And some pics of us in the castle ruins:

We also had some time to spend shopping or eating at Inverness, which is regarded as the capital of Highlands. Interesting fact about Inverness, it is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

Birds of Prey at Inverness:

We had some pasta at a great Italian Restaurant called Little Italy. It was awesome, there was a group of middle aged women celebrating a birthday and the Italian waiters were so charming. They were in tears when the head waiter sang them a song, I think it was Bella Italiana or something like that. Henri videotaped a bit of it, I might add the video here later…

And on the way home in the bus:

N.B. We are NOT a couple!


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  1. Great post regarding the Loch ness location!

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