I bumbed in to Sponsume, a crowdfunding site, some time ago on Facebook but didn’t really get into it that much. Now it popped in to my Facebook feed again and I checked out some of the projects they had. Sponsume in their own words:

Sponsume offers a brand new way of exploring innovative ideas and helping turn them into reality.

We are a funding platform where creative people sell perks and rewards to fans in order to fund their project. We do not provide loans or investments. Instead fans make their favourite project happen by buying its rewards – and creators always retain 100% ownership of their project.

Sponsume is open to all creative and innovative ventures, big or small, in a wide variety of areas: film, theatre, photography, dance, social enterprise, new technologies, gaming, transmedia, fashion, sport, festivals, music, journalism, gastronomy, animation, publishing…

Of course this is all on the supporters risk (“Sponsume is a platform and project owners are fully responsible for delivering the promised rewards.”) but hey, I like the idea. And I like to believe good about people. So I watched some of the projects and this one seemed cool:


Untitled from Plum Tunes on Vimeo.

I like to do spontaneous things. Buying an album that hasn’t been made yet, from an artist I have never heard a song from is one of those things… And she’s Scottish!


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