Freshers Week 2011 calendar for me…

I finally found a way to get all the facebook events synced to Google Calendar (after an hour of research and failed attempts. Google and Facebook could really work on this together…).  Yay. So I was able to present you guys this:

Geez, there’s plenty of events. has put up plenty of them. I have to discard some but this way I see it a bit better which ones are overlapping. Too bad that the ones on the bottom don’t show well. There’s mostly welcome events from all the societies. There are some which I’m interested in:

AbFab – well obviously with my faghag status…

Amnesty International

Cocktail Society – Ehmmm… Because I like drinks!

– European Society

-Fashion Society

Médecins Sans Frontières

Humanist Society

International Students Society

– Mature Student Society – Well, the Scotts are all straight from high school so I might feel a bit old. Luckily I just noticed that my site “is usually reserved for mature undergraduates and postgraduate students”. So less teenagers!

– Politics & IR Society – This one I must attend. Too bad I didn’t notice any welcome event from facebook, atleast not yet. Quite cool, 2 of the four new school mates are studying the exactly same degree.



Well I think that’s about it for now. Probably won’t have the time for everyone of them so I might have to pick the best ones. It’s going to be an exciting first year for me. Everyone, add me to skype: idscu89

I have already registered to AUSA’s page.



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