BBQ-chicken baguette





This time I cooked for Kim! I didn’t know he was not a fan of BBQsauce, but he did eat it anyway. So I made a BBQ-chicken baguette. It was super easy to make, just took some effort. Anyone who has cleaned a rotisserie chicken knows it’s a nightmare especially if you are super hungry (I DID NOT EAT ALL OF THE MEAT BEFORE IT HIT THE PAN).

Ok so:

  • 1 rotisserie chicken
  • Some cheese (Ok this was an accident, the label said “tuorejuusto” and I assumed it was soft cheese, but turned out to be “Finnish Milk Cheese (??)” [kotijuusto]. Didn’t work like I hoped. I would recommend bleu cheese here, but it was so high in the store I couldn’t reach it and got bored to wait someone to come give it to me…)


  • Some salad


First, you clean the grilled chicken and tear the meat as much as you can, with a fork or like I did, with fingers. Then you pile up the teared up chicken to a pan and add as much BBQ-sauce as you like. I put like… 1-2 dl… This depends on your liking and the amount of chicken. Then you heat the meat in the pan and meanwhile I halved and split the baguette to two pieces (See the pic if you can’t figure out what I mean…) Then I put the cheese in between and placed them in the oven opened under “grill mode”. When the breads get a bit crusty, I filled them with the lovely moist BBQ-chicken and some salad and that’s it. Easy as … making babies, ehh? I really wish I had the bleu cheese but it was eatable. I would recommend feta too, if you are not a fan of bleu cheese. I bet you could do this too with a sweet chilli sauce or a curry sauce too.


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