At Kokomo Tikibar

We had a nice dinner in Kokomo Tikibar & Room with Kim the other day! Some pics from there. The atmosphere can speak for itself.

imageSome drinks we had for starters. Mine was the one on the left, had ginger ale and wasss goood! Kim had some nice juicy drink too.


Me, sipping some drink.


Really, they had really put effort in the interior!


Kim waiting for the food!


A shot from our table to the cocktail bar. The cocktail menu was pretty impressive. Some pics of it later.


Seriously, the props. There was an aquarium!


A shot from our table to the street. That’s the sign you want to be looking for in Uudenmaankatu 16-20.


Well, here’s a pic of their tiki drink menu, I think the prices are fair.


I think Kim had the Blue Hawaii later, and it was goooood.


Well, oops. Kim’s beef seems to have flipped 90 degrees to left. Shoo.

Burning pepper Beef

Beef tenderloin, vegetables, deep fried sweet potatoes
with anise soy sauce and wasabi mayonnaise” 28€

Beef was better than mine, I had entrecote I think. Mine was a bit… chewy.


Yes, here’s mine:

Tiki Steak

“Char grilled beef sirloin, TIKI potatoes, bean-bacon
stew with chili red wine sauce” 25€

Full menu can be found here.

Overall, I really liked the drinks ,the atmosphere and the food. Could be a little less expensive, but hey, who cares…

Maybe we went a bit safe here too, there are some more exotic stuff on the menu like:

Kombu Hot pot . . . . . . . . 20€ /TIKI
Hot pot with kombu broth served with beef tenderloin
skewers, tiger prawn skewers, roti bread and dip
sauces. Served for two.

And in the starters:

Rumaki . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9€
Classic TIKI portion since 1941. Bacon wrapped
chicken liver, chestnut and watermelon salad

Maybe next time that one then. definitely going to come here again, I have too many drinks I have yet to try. And also the place is like a block from DTM. Which I obviously love.


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