Sangria Party in my Party Bed

Remember that bag-in-box wine I had? Well, we decided it was SANGRIA TIME on Sunday. And we made a lot of sangria and drank it in my bed, with Kim, Eric and Mira. Some pics:

Sangria and Kim’s legs.

Eric and the… Third leg?

Clockwork Orange ?

Now who’s going to drink in my bed when I move to Scotland? There is zero Kim, Eric and Mira in Aberdeen but maybe I’ll find some replacements. I hope so. Well, Henri is there:

There opened a new gay bar in Helsinki few weeks ago and this is from the pre party we were in. K23 at Urho Kekkosen katu 5, Helsinki. I think the pic was quite cool. Notice the shots. UFO UFO UFO, and a blueberry shot.



EDIT : //

Also lastly I want to add that I have been quite emotional about the bloodbath in Norway. Reading all the news and looking at the pictures of the mourning Norwegians have brought tears to my eyes every day. An uncomprehendable act of evil.



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