Delicious Lasagna part. 1

I’m cooking some lasagna base on THIS RECIPE from Anne’s Food blog. Haven’t really read her blog but Pastanjauhantaa had made it too based on Anne’s recipe. I’m a huge fan. Okay I’m now just waiting for the sauce to boil for the two hours. I decided to let it boil on the kettle because I don’t know if I can lift it out of the oven. It’s 20.02 at the moment. The minced meat sauce is giving off delicious scent. Ahh nothing beats a good bolognese styled sauce.I did forgot something though, the cinnamon right in the beginning. Well, it did sound a bit weird anyway… Unfortunately I bought it from the store already. I really like K-Supermarket Mustapekka near me. It has really good range of products, especially in the cheese. If I have time, I rather come here than the nearest shops in Arabian Kauppakeskus.

The recipe included 3dl of red wine. Well, I was in the liquor store and I thought to myself, well that leaves only 4dl for me and well, let’s face it, that is quite boring. So I bought a 3 litre bag-in-box of Caballo de Mendoza from Argentina (23,50e). I am sipping it at the moment and it’s not bad. Actually quite good.

I feel like I’m the naked cook. Well, nobody can see so I don’t care. What’s more awesome than cooking without clothes to yourself a gourmet lasagna and drinking red wine. Ok this would be even better if I’d have some guy here to share this but alone is nice too. At least I don’t have to put on a make-up and clean up the flat up.

Hmmm. Is there some other stuff I have forgotten to babble about? I’m going to have to wear the cast for like 3 months more. I am cheating a bit, I’m not wearing it now, it’s one of the kind you can take off for shower and so on. I don’t like to wear it at home. It hurts and especially if I try to sleep with it, I wake up several times a night. And I think it has already created enough bone to be without the cast if I’m being careful and don’t put any pressure on it.

I’m listening Scandinavian Music Group while cooking. I really, really, really love this band and their newest album. I think Manner (2011) will be this Summers sound track. The gig in Ruisrock was really great.

I think I’ll make this a 2-part post because it’s already quite long and I have to go to chop some mushrooms for the next phase: THE THYME MUSHROOM LAYER…….. And then there’s the cheese layer, which is quite tricky. This one has a weird one, it includes creme fraiche and a bit of milk and parmesan. Usually I have just done the normal white sauce with cheese. We’ll see!!!


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