Ruisrock 2011

We had a carpe diem trip again with Eric. We decided on Thursday that we will be going to Ruisrock, the oldest annual rock in Finland and the second oldest in Europe. We had a three day ticket. My favorites included Scandinavian Music Group, Robyn and Jenni Vartiainen. And pics follow. We were quite drunk the whole two days. On Sunday Henri was with us too.

Me! On the wheelchair platform on the first day! Watching something!

Eric watching The Hurts. HOT GUYS IN SUITS.

Scandinavian Music Group, my ultimate favorite! We were standing in the front row with Eric, my sister Beda and her friend Alina! Awesome gig. With Eric, we had bear masks made of the card board box of Karhu-beer.

My sister Beda, rocking on the front row!

Eric had both of his nipples pierced AND got a naval piercing as well. I got a nipple and a tragus. Both I have had before though.

We kinda drew attention…

Jenni Vartiainen’s gig was the first on Sunday, it was goddamn hot!

There’s Beda and Henri, sipping on some “juice”…

I am red like a lobster, nice taaaaan!

Eric chilling!

Noora, drinking some booozE!

I wish I had some pics of Robyns gig. It was uber! Also Kaija Koo was great!


3 Comments on “Ruisrock 2011”

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