Helsinki Pride week 2011

Well it is the last day of the Helsinki Pride! We were marching on Saturday among the amazing 7000 people, but unfortunately I didn’t find any pics of us. I’ll check Flickr again later. Henri was standing behind my glamourmobile a short while. That must have looked entertaining. It was a blast really! We were hanging out in Kaisaniemi Park after the parade. I got really tired and went to home to sleep for few hours and went back to the park later. We had some beer and cider and here are some pics related:

From left Eric, me with my sexy cast, Matti, another Matti and the back of Harri’s head.

Henri and me. I have a flower behind my ear!

That’s me again!

There’s a bag I bought from my friend Ninni! She makes and sells them 10e a piece and I think you can request them in the address ! She also has T-shirts with the same pic, they were 20e I think!

We were boycotting the roma, who were collecting the cans and bottles, but in the end when we were leaving the park, no one wanted to take them. So I guess some Roma just picked them after we left. Anyways.

I’m going back to work tomorrow! Niceee…


3 Comments on “Helsinki Pride week 2011”

  1. Ninu says:

    Uuu, mainosta O:

  2. ZoomYummy says:

    Seems like you were having a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Petra

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