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I am in Turku now at my parents house and got a little bored so I thought I’d post something. My leg is broken, so I can’t really leave the house alone…

I thought I’d introduce myself some more and the best way would be to analyze the top of my Facebook profile page. So here it is how I see it:

First of all, my name: Ida Männistö. I do have a second name, it is Maria. I didn’t put that there, because I don’t really use it anywhere.

Ok so, I work in OP-Pohjola Bank Group in Customer Services. I have been there since March 2011 so not very long. Mainly I just answer calls, order cards and make appointments. Sometimes I get to renew some fixed term deposits or make long time saving plans. Not so often though, I should encourage myself to suggest them more to clients but pfft…

And next, there’s my future place of study, Aberdeen Uni with my degree being Politics & International Relations.

Next there’s the fact that I live in Helsinki! I love Helsinki. I moved to Helsinki in 2008 and lived couple of years in Espoo, but now I’m back and leaving again. I think I have never lived a whole year there.

Then it says I’m married to Tommi Myller, which obviously is only a joke. We are very good friends. We met years ago in the Internet in this virtual chat Hotelli Kultakala, nowadays known as Habbo Hotel. We didn’t really hold any contact throughout the years, he was just a random contact in my IM. I knew his nick in IRC-Galleria at the time ( I think he has the same one still, as do I... Embarrassing…) and when I joined Facebook, it suggested us as friends as he was on my Hotmail contacts. Ok fine, no further contact happened. Only then when my friend Iida went to work to MTV3 in 2009 as a chat hostess in their summer program Rantalentis Deluxe, she got to know Tommi, and we finally met in real life, IRL… We became very good friends and he is one of my best friends. One of my boys…

Next there’s all the languages I speak. I have to admit my Spanish is a bit rusty but given alcohol, I can speak even French. My Swedish is quite bad too. I had a terrible anti-swedish phase when I was in elementary school so I screwed up the whole thing.

Next it says I am from Turku. I always say I’m from Turku, though I moved to Aura when I was like 8 months and lived there for the next 18 years. BUT I WAS BORN IN TURKU AND LIVED THERE THE FIRST MONTHS SO THAT COUNTS, RIGHT? And anyway, nobody even knows where Aura is. It is about 30km from Turku towards Tampere. A small municipality with a population a little less than 4000. A nice place to grow up.

Then there’s my birthday 3rd of May in 1989. So that makes me 22 years old today. It has always been a bit boring that my birthday is right after Vappu. Everyone’s still a bit hangovered.

The profile pic, yes I am drunk. And yes it is a duckface. In the pics where I’m tagged, in the first one there’s me, Iida, Riikka and Iida’s sister Pilvi and her son curled up on blanket at Pilvi’s patio. It was a hot day and we all had a bit of hangover. In the second one I am with Eric wearing funny 2009-glasses (and duckface). The third and fourth ones are from Ville & Riku’s housewarming party in Punavuori. And in the last one I am just posing at Tommi’s place (duckface again) before leaving to our favorite bar. We are both VIP’s there, it is the biggest gay bar in the whole Scandinavia, DTM. By the way, it is Helsinki Pride week. As a faghag of many gays, I wish everyone a happy Pride and I will be joining the parade this year (if the hangover is not too monstrous).

2 Comments on “My Facebook Profile”

  1. Tiuskea Rakki says:

    Finland is not “Scandinavian”… and having a terrible anti-Swedish phase in elementary school is just normal when faced with such a policy as we have here regarding languages🙂

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