Been a bit lazy with my blogging


Ok so, the past few months I have been doing this and that. Mainly working in customers service in OP bank groups call center. Pretty cool has it been… 🙂 I’ve had plenty of new friends there too. Also it has now being confirmed, I have received an unconditional firm offer from the University of Aberdeen and my first term starts on September 20th, for all who weren’t aware, I am going to study International Relations and Politics. My mother has asked it like maybe every time I bring up Scotland. And everytime she says “Now what were you going to study there in Ireland anyways??”.
I think she will be adjusting to the idea at some point. Well, anyway, I’m going.

This has been the shittiest week ever this year. I was supposed to have that ear surgery on Tuesday but hey, I broke my leg on Saturday. So that had to be canceled.
Here’s a pic of my cast, it was made today:


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