I was in Aberdeen… And I got in to the Aberdeen University

Last Saturday I had my house warming party, combined with a small fiesta; my friend Henri returned from peacekeeping forces in Afganistan! The party went well, even though we forgot to buy the spirits for the punch. But, Kim went and bought some ciders, which we added to the punch. It worked quite well I think. Most of my closest friends in Helsinki were here and thank you all for making the party so glamourous! ❤ I love you guys.

Henri and Me and Tommi in the background

Kim and Eric


Tommi and Riikka

My fridge is still full of drinks. Too bad, I can’t buy any food (maybe I’ll lose some weight…) until I have cleared some shelves. The after party was, traditionally, in Don’t Tell Mama. I am the fag hag of the village. I think we had a good time, though I really don’t remember the entire night. That is rather traditional too. Anyways, Henri was going to Aberdeen to sort things out as he is moving back there in the Autumn with his son and the mother-of-his-son Elina. Liam is such a cute kid, I was in his 1st birthday party few weeks ago.

Anyway Eric was going to come to stay at my place for the night and I thought we’d see Henri off to the airport with Eric. We had some more beer at the airport. What happened next was that Eric and I were left to the counter with Henri’s MasterCard and we bought ourselves tickets to Heathrow too. We were there about 15 minutes after Henri and we got seats next to him on the next flight to Aberdeen. Before that we had 5 hours time before the Aberdeen flight in the Heathrow Airport. We were a bit drunk the whole time. That Bloody Mary in the next picture was really good, I bought from Mark&Spencer ‘s. Unfortunately it ended up on outside my stomach at some point. Pics related:

All the Hello Kittys. Eric on the right, Henri in the left and I am in the middle.


Eric, me, Sandra and Henri. Sandra had Barbie stickers.

What happens in the invatoilet when we group pee? Oh my god... No Barbie stickers this time I see.

Henri, Me and Eric in the inva toilets. I always go to the toilets with my boys.

Our friend Sandra lives in London so she came to see us on the airport. She didn’t believe we were really coming, until Eric called her just right before our flight took off in Helsinki and the speakers said “Ladies and Gentlemen, please close your seatbelts”. We had some wine in the plane with Eric. Surprise… Two HelloKitty’s on a plane to London. Great ideas come under the influence of alcohol. We called this the Carpe Diem -trip. No luggage to worry about, how convenient.

We arrived to Aberdeen in the afternoon and I finally saw the city I would be moving to in September. I applied to Aberdeen University through UCAS in the Christmas Holidays to study International Relations & Politics. The school is a big grey Harry Potter-castle. Surprisingly very wheelchair accessible too. A very cool city, though it was raining a lot and the seagulls screaming were a bit annoying.

Arriving to Aberdeen I think. Not sure, could be from Heathrow too...

Who wouldn't love a Leprechaun like this? In Poundland.

I don’t like rain but I guess I will get used to it…

BECAUSE, when I got back home I had received mail from Aberdeen Uni, and they gave me a conditional offer, which means that I have to do a language test, IELTS or TOEFL. How boring. IELTS costs like 175euros. Well, I will do anything  I guess. I think I’ll get enough points from either test. I also have to send them a copy of my lukio diploma.

I don’t know if my mom was too happy about me leaving to Scotland for probably the next 4 years, as she is always worrying about everything. Atleast I am finally going back to school. And a university too this time. I will get a degree!!! I would have a permanent job here in Finland at the moment though. And if I wanted to go back to school in Finland, I’d have a place in HAAGA-HELIA university of applied sciences to study BBA. But…

I want my future to be in IR.

And it is a hell of a job to get in to Helsinki University to study Political Sciences.


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