Back in Finland

The clock tower of Big Ben at dusk. The north ...

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Okay, I think my blog might just die a bit!

I lost my phone during the last night in London. Do not ask my where and how, I think I had it in my bra and it must have just slipped somewhere. Nice going. Now I have my old shitty phone which does not have the amazing wordpress app and let me upload straight from the road. I have some pics from the trip on my camera! I bought a Diana Mini, which is a small analogue camera, and takes retro pics! I love it. Or I hope I will, we shall see when the pics come… I ordered them also on a CD so I will be posting them here too when I get them.

I had no idea how the camera worked at first, but it’s so cool because I just spontaneously took pics on the road in London! I hope there’s even few decent pics of the Big Ben & London Eye…

Also, I am waiting for htc to come up with a new model,  similar to Desire. Any tips?


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