Okay. My trip starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will be heading to Paris with my dearest and nearest friend Kim.

I think we are going to be in Paris like 19.00 (???) Anyway, I hope we will be totally wasted at the foot of the Eiffel tower or something before midnight. LA VIE EST BELLE.

After Paris we will be going to Strasbourg on Monday to see the European Parliament‘s Plenary Session. How cool is that. I might actually even see Timo Soini. Yes, yes, I know all my readers are True Finns, I’ll say hello to him from you guys. I have some work to do there too. This is no holiday by any means…

And as a sugar in the bottom (??)  (I think my bottom is more like a watermelon), WE ARE GOING TO LONDON ON…. Thursday OR Friday I can’t remember anymore… Well, when they throw us out of the hotel I guess…

This shit is all going to be amazing. Now, it’s time for me to start backing. That obviously is something I ALWAYS have to leave to the last night. Every time.  I will try to post some shit during the trip, but I don’t know if I dare to use other internet than Wi-Fi… So, cya!!


2 Comments on “Okay. My trip starts tomorrow.”

  1. pinksequins says:

    Hoppas ni har det kul! Hälsa min lillebror Kim 😉

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