Comfort food




You will need:

– a pack of bacon, I used Amerikan pekoni 170g

– a pack of unseasoned 300g broiler strips

– a can of Valio Kolme sipulia -cream

– some tagliatelle, I used about 9 rolls

– Spices (Salt, Provence herbs, garlic grind)


1. Boil a lot of water, add salt and when boiling, throw in some tagliatelle.

2. Cut the bacon to a sauté pan and and fry. No need for extra oil here.

3. Add the chicken strips. Fry them also.

4. Throw in some spice like, salt, Provence herb-mix,  garlic.

5. Add the cream, I used Kolme sipulia -flavoured one. Onions are awesome.

6. When the pasta is ready, strain it and throw in the pan with the sauce. Mix a little and scoop on the plate. Easy.


I feel fat, but happy.


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